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    Re: Pack being Punked by New England

    "GBFan" wrote:
    Dude, I'm not declaring the Pack to be contenders, I am well aware of their defensive woe's. I have confidence in TT to turn things around. He'll be a better GM than Sherman was. The defense ISN'T that decimated, like you say it is. It's not great, but it doesn't need a complete overhaul. As far as giving Sherman an extention, I'm fine with it. Now that he's JUST the head coach, he doesn't have to worry about GM duties, so he can focus on one thing. Plus, I thought he was a much better coach than he was a GM(as evident by his terrible drafts, etc) and please, you want to talk about coaches? Uh......hello! You guys got Mike Tice who has done a GREAT job at turning a potentially good Viking team into a mediocre team.
    It is obvious to me that your penchant for boldly stating obvious falsehoods as facts now extends beyond your team, and encompasses mine. Bad move. unlike you, I actually follow my teams moves...and your as well.

    Let us first take a gander at your "ISN'T that decimated" Defense, shall we? For that, I will utilize the depth chart provided by the packers own website...that should stave off any of the , "Well, he's not the starter" arguements.

    Where to about your Defensive front?

    LE: Aaron Kampman - good motor. Originally a Linebacker. Solid player if unspectacular. 4 1/2 sacks last season.

    DT: Grady Jackson - did he finally pass his physical? Injury risk due to weight and age (Missed 6 games in 2004). Solid run long as they run right at him. Logged 1 sack last season.

    DT: Corey Williams or Cletidus Hunt - Williams is a second year pro who logged 24 tackles and 1 sack last season. Hunt is a chronic underachiever who logged 37 tackles and 2 sacks. Nothing to rave about here.

    RE: Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila - Solid player, but represents the Packers ONLY defensive front-four threat. As such, he sees a lot of doubles. 13 1/2 sacks says he can play...but he suffers from a lack of help on the opposite side.

    How about your Linebackers?

    SAM: Na'il Diggs - 116 tackles last season...not bad. One of the few Packers who can actually tackle.

    MIKE: Nick barnett - While his 162 tackles last season were an improvement over his rookie year, he still seemed to be less effective overall. Perhaps the strain of having to overcompensate wore him down?

    WILL: Ray Thompson - Who?!?!?! Cut by Arizona after a mediocre career there (5 seasons), Green bay snapped him up...mostly because the price was right.

    On to the Defensive backs...

    LCB: Ahmad Carroll OR Joey Thomas - Carroll, now in his second year, drew a heck of a lot of penalties for humping Receiver's legs all last season. While fleet of foot, he appears to be dim of wit in that he has difficulty learning from his mistakes. Thomas, a 3rd round pick last season, has yet to do anything of note....yet he's slated to replace Carroll....maybe. (NOTE: Guess which side we're throwing to.. :twisted: )

    RCB: Al Harris - Whoopie Goldberg. 67 tackles and 1 int says it all about Whoopie. Green bays second most over rated player was touted as their "Shut Down Corner" after posting a decent game against a recovering randy Moss. Moss proved the media wrong by toasting Whoopie - on one leg - for the back breaking touchdown that ended all Packer hopes of a continueing season.

    SS: Mark Roman - Again I say, "Who"? Acquired from Cincinnati, Romans 85 tackles and ZERO interceptions made him an instant....uhhh....forgettable guy in the Packer secondary. Probably best known for his consecutive streak of games without having his name mentioned by the announcers, Roman is reportedly, "much better this year". Somehow, I doubt it.

    FS: Nick Collins - Who III. A rookie, drafted in the 2nd round. this guy will make Green Bay miss Sharper more than Sharper himself will.

    So, there you have it. A full blown analysis of your "mediocre" Defense. please, tell me how they aren't as bad as I think they are?

    You guys got Mike Tice who has done a GREAT job at turning a potentially good Viking team into a mediocre team.
    Aside from the fact that Tice has steadily IMPROVED the Vikings, year after year, I find the above statement - like most of your statements - to be completely without any factual merit. Please, in the future remember to offer supporting evidence, not simply Green Bay media fueld conjecture.

    "GBFan" wrote:
    forgot one more thing:

    2: He had to play 4 positions simultaneously becuase the rest of teh GB DB's blow chunks (Oh PLEASE try and argue that with me by bringing up Harris).
    Green Bay's passing defense ranked 25th last season, the Vikes ranked 28th. So apparently he's going to a worse group of DB's over in Minnesota
    Perhaps you missed the fact that we added another Corner? A guy by the name of Fred Smoot. He matches up real well with our other corner...a guy by the name of Antoine Winfield. Perhaps you've heard of them? Oh, and our Strong Safety is a Pro-bowler who was hurt last season....Corey Chaveous...ring any bells?

    PuuuuuuhLEASE!!!! Our Secondary is probably one of the best in the NFL right now. We'll know for sure once the season starts. As for yours, who did Green Bay bring in to improve themselves with. What's that? Speak up. were mumbling. OH!!!! NO ONE!!!

    What?!?!?!? Jim Bates? Really....what position does he play? He's a WHAT?!?!?!? A coach?!?!?!!?


    Sorry about that. I fell off my chair laughing. I think I ruptured something I was laughing so hard.

    Face it, you now have ONE more week of denial and delusion. After that, it's "Go Time". C'mon back and we'll revisit this little topic then. I'm sure it'll eb a lot of fun to revisit our preseason predictions. I can see the conversation now...

    Me: "Hey, GBFan, remember that time you thought you had a good team"

    You: "Yeah...boy was I stupid."

    Me: "Oh...don't be so hard on yourself. After all, you're a Packer fan...we sort of expect that."

    You: "Golly gee willickers...I sure feel like a dope now.


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    Re: Pack being Punked by New England

    "GBFan" wrote:
    please don't tell me I'm using the "its only preseason excuse"

    you guys are saying the same exact things in THIS thread here
    I may be worried about my team, but not worried about a 6-0 divisional record. The Pack looks slightly better than the Lions; looking forward to the week one Stupor-Bowl between you two.

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    Re: Pack being Punked by New England

    Caine, somedays I like your posts. Most days, I love them. Good job!

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    Re: Pack being Punked by New England

    damn man... caine is definantly going to EARN his HOF status, most of posts are like 2 sentences wrong, he writes an Encyclopedia entry as each of his posts...

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    Re: Pack being Punked by New England

    Farve is the greatest now that some idiot in my FF league picked him at #6 and I was able to get Dante at #8. Had to laugh my butt off at that pick. Then to look at Farve's line against NE, just made me just so darn happy...

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    Re: Pack being Punked by New England

    HaHaha... Went home for lunch and got to see the puckers gettin it from the pats.... repeat from nfl network

    I'm exercising my ass by doing flexing exercises while typing. Prophet 3:42pm March 16, 2007
    "If God had wanted man to play soccer, he wouldn't have given us arms." Mike Ditka

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    Re: Pack being Punked by New England

    Caine, the audience gives you a standing ovation and applauds the victor!!
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Re: Pack being Punked by New England

    "whackthepack" wrote:
    Caine, the audience gives you a standing ovation and applauds the victor!!

    Caine is the best!!!!!
    :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
    Post of the year!!!!!!!!!!!
    (And to think he works for an auto-maker!!!!)

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