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Thread: Oh Ya baby

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    Oh Ya baby

    Long about 30 years ago, I was on a trip to Chi Town. I was in Minn. so as I drove their
    I would see signs of GB and Packer football along the road. After some time seeing that crap I had enuff, I took a little side trip to the city of Green Bay. When I was at the city limit with their
    welcome to Green Bay sign I stopped and took a piss. ya I know silly. but 30 years ago it was the thing to do.. 8-)). Still brings back fond memories..

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    Re: Oh Ya baby

    I still want to take a dump on lamblow.

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    Re: Oh Ya baby

    lmao , who wouldn't do that..... :-[

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    Re: Oh Ya baby

    "vikeswin2005" wrote:
    lmao , who wouldn't do that..... :-[
    If they electrified the sign ;D

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    Re: Oh Ya baby

    Packers suck.

    I love BBCode.

    Go Vikings!

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    Re: Oh Ya baby

    good job buddy

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