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    More Proof GB Fans Suck

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    More Proof GB Fans Suck

    The <A HREF=> Frozen Tundra </A> website has recently shut down again because of inappropriate use of the site. This is just another example of why Vikings fans can tough it out a lot better. Our webmaster here at purplepride removed one guy's filthy messages and eventually converted us over to a registration only board but the webmaster of the <A HREF=> Frozen Tundra </A> had to be a crybaby and shut his down because the Viking fans (and some Bears fans as well) were giving him too many problems. You should have seen it, all hell broke loose on that website about 24 hours or so ago from the posting of this message. Here's to the team that rules:

    <IMG SRC=>

    <B> SKOL VIKINGS!! </B>

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