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Thread: Michael Irivn

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    Michael Irivn

    Dont like the seahawks one and the browns ones has to be the worst as they have orange helmets and rarely wear their brown jerseys since they wear the white ones more often.
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    Michael Irivn

    The Bucs upgrade from the creamsicle jerseys and winking pirate logo is probably the best move made by any team with their uniforms in sports history.

    I agree the Seahawks are the worst, with the Titans in close second.

    I disagreed with Young and Jackson that the Browns need a logo. They don't need a damn logo, they are the Browns! Besides they are one of the oldest teams in the NFL, and they've just built a lot of tradition around those helmets and uniforms, so I think they should stay the way they are.
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    Michael Irivn

    "casper" wrote:
    come on baby sh!t yellow and puke green what is nice about that
    LMAO thats exactly what my dad says. I think they are the ugliest green-babie poop and yellow-cheese ewwwwwwwwwwww.

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    Michael Irivn

    yea its pretty nasty

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    Michael Irivn

    "ItalianStallion" wrote:
    Yah I gotta say the cardinals or the bears. I don't mind the bears keeping theirs for the tradition but I would expect the cardinals to change soon, mostly cuz that is what crappy teams do when they want to try and turn the corner.
    Lets just hope that if the bears DO change uniforms they pick something more tasteful than their stadium
    Only in Wisconsin (Dairyland) would they don swiss cheese and call themsleves cheddar heads.

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    Michael Irivn

    "VKG4LFE" wrote:
    The throwback pack jerseys are terrible!! I like all the true black and blue division jerseys. The Bears jerseys look black to me though and I don't understand why they are blue. Has anyone on here ever seen a blue bear, c'mon!

    There actually are blue bears :colors: But not today THE PACKERS SUCK
    Lombardis DEAD,
    Favrays OLD, the Packers SUCK,

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