"whackthepack" wrote:
"cbrey1" wrote:
Them --> "Oh, are you from Minnesota?"

Me --> "Oh, I didn't know I had to be from the team's state to be a fan."

I live in good ol' central Wisconsin, close enough to the thick of things.

Not to sidetrack but my best moment was wearing the Falcons shirt the day after they beat the Packers at home January 2003 in the playoffs. Picked it up the morning of and wore it all day. You should have seen the stares/fingers/dirty looks that day from everyone! It was great. I've since gotten rid of the shirt because 1998 will live in our minds forever.

Them --> "Why are you a Viking fan if you are in Wisconsin?"

Me --> "Why are you a Packer fan?"


Viking fans everywhere salute you! :salute:
You should have seen some of the looks I got in MN after I wore a Eagles hat and a Vikes jersey last year the day after the Pack lost. If it wasn't a Packer fan pissed at me, it was some other person who didn't follow football that was very, very confused. It was actually kinda funny just for that reason too, but the Packer fans getting pissed was so much more satisfying.