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    I think Javon has a chip on his shoulder a bit. The guy that is talked about the whole week isn't even gonna play in the game whereas no one is talking about the guy playing this Sunday, Javon Walker. I think he'll use that as motivation, kind of like bulletin board material for a whole team.

    I expect the Vikes to focus on Javon a lot in this game. I think Robert Ferguson is due for a huge game. I really think Fergy will come out big in this game.

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    "Jer" wrote:
    It seems as though Javon Walker is doing pretty good this season. Its been hard finding the time to come here, but I thought I'd stop by because I told ya so, but I won't rub it in. I just know that if he stays healthy he'll be a darn good player for many years to come.
    You are assuming that he will have a good QB to throw it to him for many years to come...Favre ain't gettin' any younger...hell, he might retire at the end of the season (if he listens to his little girl, that is).

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    Yeah... I heard (a rumor) Drew Brees was interested in coming to GB, he'll be a FA at the end of the year. But depending on how the good ol Chargers do this season he just might want to stay. Walker's getting better... but he's got a good QB throwing at him. Just look at Coles sucking because of Mark "I'm old and I suck on the Redskins" Brunell, although Coles is dropping a lot passes, oh well, he has his "excuses." I don't think Favre's going to retire this season, I think he's got 1 or 2 years left in him if he doesn't get some kind of serious injury.

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