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    Re: Javon Walker No Show at Packers Minicamp..

    Rosenhaus is baller.
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    Re: Javon Walker No Show at Packers Minicamp..

    Drew Posenhaus makes me infuriated with football. He turns his clients into greedy, anti-loyal SOBs. I sort of want Javon Walker to come back though. The Vikings can easily beat the Packers even with Javon Walker, so I dont want to give them any excuses.
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    Re: Javon Walker No Show at Packers Minicamp..

    "KY Vike" wrote:
    Rosenhaus is baller.
    No, Rosenhaus is a greedy SOB!!! His day will come...the owners will shut him down!

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    Re: Javon Walker No Show at Packers Minicamp..

    MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Just lmao right now at the greenbay slackers...
    Its not braggin if you can do it!!!

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    Re: Javon Walker No Show at Packers Minicamp..

    What a joke. He has one good year and wants to renegotiate! Play out your first full contract and earn your d@mn money! That goes for everyone in the NFL not just that cheesed!ck!

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    Re: Javon Walker No Show at Packers Minicamp..

    "VKG4LFE" wrote:
    What a joke. He has one good year and wants to renegotiate! Play out your first full contract and earn your d@mn money! That goes for everyone in the NFL not just that cheesed!ck!
    I agree 100%
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    Re: Javon Walker No Show at Packers Minicamp..

    "BerkleeVikesFan80" wrote:
    Well if hes not with the packers at the start of next season that meens Farve will have to wait a few extra seconds for someone to get open, yet another sign that the end might come sooner than expected.
    I think that if our new D gels and JW comes to his senses that extra couple of secs still wont do him any good
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    Re: Javon Walker No Show at Packers Minicamp..

    Fire up your TiVo or DVD of the Vikings win over the Packers in the playoffs. You know you wanna watch it again anyhow, so go get it. You're not compulsive. Honest. LOL

    In that game, watch all the angles on the play where Javon Walker goes down with his injury in slow mo, there look at it two times and I forget which time they show the angle that clearly you can see the collision. They thought it has his ankle and nobody in the broacasting booth noticed that Walker was hit in the leg by Donterrious Thomas (54) flying by late in the play. Accidental contact with Walker severely bruised his calf muscle and put him out of the game. He was in agony on the sidelines. And we stopped them from marching down the field, yet again. That was a big moment in the game.

    If I remember, he tried to come back into the game later and tried to change up his direction and go deep, because there was no safety cover behind him on his route to the left side of the field. He put his hand up to signal his cut, and then he cut, but Favre already let the ball go to the place he should have gone on his route, and we intercepted it. We stopped a sure touchdown, because they were just off by that split second. And we had a ton of momentum with that turnover.

    Then Walker was out completly. And we survived a still figting attack from (the team) whose name I shall not speak in this purple land for it would sour the stomach of all whom should hear it. They still put up a fight.

    But I firmly believe that if Walker were not injured by chance on that play (BTW, nice hustle DT! Walker's injury was accidental, but you were patrolling the waters like a shark, so good work), but without that injury, I do not think we would have won the game. Now, I am wearing a bullet proof marshmallow suit able to withstand the force of all kinds of bad things, so I am not afraid of saying it here. I know they are a far worse team this year and we are going to be (are not yet, but will be) a vastly improved team. We should expect to be kicking upon their assmar most joyously this year, Twice even!

    But that does not mean that we wouldn't love to have the, now clearly matured, Javon Walker playing on our side, scoring TD catches from Daunte and blocking downfield for everyone else. He plays like a pretty big guy and a great blocker and reminds me a lot of Terrel Owens, both on the field and in the re-negotiating table.

    I am ready for the news guys to shut up about Moss this and that. God I hope it doesn't go on all season and follow us into the playoffs. I can tell they are going to drive us all nuts. The Vikings are winning with 45 points scored in the first half. "I wonder if they miss Randy Moss?" The Vikings are down by 14. "They sure could use Randy Moss at a time like this!" Yes. We could. But we do not have him on our team any longer, so if you would please pay attention to this new set of facts and shut the hell up about Moss? Do you want me to ask you what your ex-wife would have been able to do for you in this situation with your current girlfreind? And ask it over and over. What's it like without Randy? Huh? How about you there, chain carrier guy. He used to talk to everyone, so let's get everyone's opinion...because we just can't think up more intelligent questions to ask.

    Can you tell I get annoyed when jouralists and commentators are lazy? Don't get me started on the camera crews, refs and the damn credit card logo over the faces of all the fans, *while* they are doing a voice over saying, "VizaScam, It's all about the NFL fans!" But you can only see their arms and legs of the fans they have zoomed in on at the stadium, because of the giant VizaScam logo dominating 75% of the center of the screen. Does anyone else see the irony in that? Maybe it wasn't VizaScam. It could have been Greedy Card. Same thing. Can you tell I don't care for intrusive advertising that interferes with game time, or stadium time, when the camera is supposed to be lettings us see the fans while we're all on a break or coming back from one, giving us the illusion that we're all watching the game together. So they show us the fans in the stands. That's what we're supposed to be getting. Instead, we get Greedy Card ads over the fans. Dear NFL game producer, please write a memo to the business office to knock it off. Greedy Card can go over Bradshaw's face instead. Then I can see my fellow Viking fans again.

    But about Walker. Watch him play. Whatever he was before, he's a great player now. We should be really tough on D this year, which is great, because if he does sign with them, as expected, we gotta stop him. Great battles to be had, indeed. Smoot and Winfield. Chavous and Sharper. Cowart, Harris and DT. Pat and Mike Williams pusing the linemen back into the quarterback while our fast and powerful DEs put moves on the tackles on both ends that makes them put an obvious hold and risk getting flagged, or giving up your QB. Can you tell I'm already waking up with visions of purple people eaters?

    I see us doing well on D, this year. But the Lions offense is really deep now with 3 great recievers who have kinda scary potential and Kevin Jones with speed, power and good hands. I saw him learn how to put it down on the field last year in few games. Good thing we can score on them too, and we will have to outscore them rather than relying on keeping them down to 14 points. We are much better, but this is a serious offense. How good is our D going to be? We don't know yet. And even Super Bowl calibur teams give up points to good players and teams.

    Chicago's D is going to be one of the toughest things to deal with twice. I see a lot of Daunte running for his life again in these games, but we should still win because they will have a total score of either 2 or possibly 3 with their prolific offense. Sorry Bears. neat stadium.

    And the moldy cheese team, I have nothing to offer but a full moon. Not on the field with children watching me as a role model, mind you, but maybe off a copy machine and sent via certified mail in an envelope marked, "Wanna see what the NFC North will look like from your perspective and the end of the season? Well good, because I have a picture for you."

    The Vikes are going to rule. No buts about it. would be better to have Javon Walker on your team, than not. I guess that's where I started.

    -Oregon Viking

    PS. I hope our coaches realize what an opportunity they have with the team sounding like they are ready to come together and be a team. The Panthers had that 2 years ago and look how far that took them. We have the talent to go farther right now.

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    Re: Javon Walker No Show at Packers Minicamp..

    yeah this guy...Drew Rosenhaus...seems to have his hand in so many players pocketbooks...his name appears every time there is a hold out for more money. F him.

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    Re: Javon Walker No Show at Packers Minicamp..

    Any word on J-Walk yet?? Any updates, i cant seem to find anything except Farve' running his mouth .

    Just morbid curiousity??

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