James [[email protected]]

(isn't this stuff great??? --ed)

Hey Webmaster,

Geee man....... you sure know your shit! Ya, we know...."if the vikings (we) can keep it together"

You fucking assholes can't even keep your shit together. Head to head you guys can't even compare to the

"cow shit" out in the pastures of Wisconsin. If the only reason you can beat Favre and the Packers is

because he had a bad game, then you should really keep your piehole shut because you're an

embarrASSment to the real Viking fans (though the losers they are). When are you gonna beat him when

he has a good game. Hasn't happened yet has it. But he's still beat the shit out of you guys even when

he's had a bad game.

Who the fuck you guys got??? Dickweed for quarterback??? I think he's a transvestite. But even if

he's not, as big as he is, he's missed how many games?? And being hurt by a safety!!! Now THAT is

BULLSHIT!!! (Dude!)

Moss??? He's just a fucking pharanoid crackhead who thinks everyone's chasing him! That's why

he's good! But the asshole is so unstable in his fucking noggin. And guess where that was??? I'll give ya a

hint! It wasn't Wisconsin!! We get rid of our disfunctional assholes...they usually end up on the Vikings!

But hey...you gotta use what you can when you live in an artificial state, right!!

Anyway...Webmaster, you've wasted enough of my time. Catch you on the rebound.

One more thing...I live in California and I thought that I was the only Packer fan out here for the

longest time!!! Really!!! Untill I went to a Ram game. There are more
Packer fans out here than there are

Viking fans in the state of Minnesota.

I got a cousin who lives in Minnesota, but we don't talk to her.......anymore!

Later Dude