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    Re: J. Walkers step-daddy

    I bet he comes back fo rthe last 6 games and doesn't do much. He needs that accrued season to become a FA. That way he can get out of GB and go wherever he wants. The article say that they could franchise tag him next year, but I think that would further hurt their rep as a shi*ty organization to play for..... I hope they do franchise him...... they would be screwed forever.

    He has already said that no amount of money would make him want to go back to GB.... so a big contract is out of the question.

    Thanks Lotza!

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    Re: J. Walkers step-daddy

    If GB was smart the would trade him. Otherwise they will have a reciever who hates it there and isn't putting up great numbers for 6 games. The he becomes a FA and is gone, and the Pack gets nothing.

    I would welcome him in Minnesota... I doubt he would be as much of a problem as T.O. T-Ho thought he was god's gift to football, whereas Walker just hates Green Bay.
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    Re: J. Walkers step-daddy

    If they trade him now they would not get even close to what he is worth; they kind of have to keep him otherwise who would they throw the ball too. And if they are thinking about trading him they won't do it before Farve makes up his mind.

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    Re: J. Walkers step-daddy

    His trade value only goes down the longer they wait.

    Let's face it, they need to rebuild, trade him for a draft pick and be happy you got anything at all.

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    Re: J. Walkers step-daddy

    i dont think he would cause any problems at all for us..hes probably just sick of how that entire organization does everything to please brett favre, and then passes on everybody else
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    Re: J. Walkers step-daddy

    “He said, ‘It has nothing to do with you,’” Goldsmith said. “He said, ‘I don’t want to play in Green Bay ever again and I’m not coming back.’ He said, ‘If you force me to come back, you’re really going to have a terrible cancer on your hands."

    I have a problem with this.

    He needs to honor his contract. I know the NFL has total control when it comes to contracts and they make them apply when it is good for them, but at this point that is widely known and just part of the game.

    He still has a year. He needs to be a man and go give it 100% If he doesn't he is cheating the fans of Green Bay, the team, and most importantly himself.

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    Re: J. Walkers step-daddy

    He's a dink. I hope the cheesedicks stand by their word and don't trade him or anything and let him just sit and rot and be worthless!

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