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Thread: ironic?

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    hmmm ... isn't it weird that about the same time last year, we were busting a gasm over our linebacking corp, especially when we still had henri, biekert, roanall smith, etc and we drafted young guys like EJ and nattiel and acquired claiborne through FA???

    in fact, if i remember correctly, there was a huge discussion on whether or not we should switch to a 3-4 defense and put k-will at NT while moving hovan out to DE with mixon due to the lack of talent // depth on the line

    now, almost a year later, we're struggling to pencil in our starters for the linebacker position while our defensive line looks like a very strong and deep group with udeze // scott ... hovan ... k-will ... mixon // wiley and let's not forget johnstone

    well my point is that it seems like every year, the vikes have a weakness in the defense and after we solve the problem through the draft // free agency, it seems like another weakness peers its ugly head at us

    any thoughts on why???

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    Pepp, your telling me! I still don't know why we didn't pick up on of the many FA linebackers that were on the market this year? If you look at our depth chart we do have a solid bunch of guys, but there isn't enough depth. If one of our starters were to get hurt, then we're screwed. Sometimes I wish that we made the decisions. Maybee we may have won a Super Bowl if we did.
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    The more i think about it, its not to bad we are young but last year i begged for them to put them young LB's in the game, when i saw nattiel and henderson in the game i was amped. I was talking to a lions fan about claiborne and he said he is a straight freakin animal, and most of us saw that for the first 6 weeks last season, he was kickin some serious ass he had like 3 sacks and on pace to have a huge season on tackles but then was slowed by injuries if he stays healthy hes gonna be a monster. EJ i know the guy has mad skill not much experience in the pros but he has a year under his belt and hes a hell of a takcler, great instincts and quick as hell. D Thomas is very fast and athletic he doesn't make a lot of stupid mistakes and he has good instincts doesn't take false steps or bite on the play action, i'm curious to see him on the feild, hey they liked him so much they traded up for him. Now depth is a bit of concern, i like nattiel and im still curious about raonall smith he has talent but can't stay healthy, if he makes the team he will be a so so back up, he has been with the team for 2 years and should know the defense pretty well.

    But hey look at it this way take your pick:

    Thomas EJ Claiborne or Crockett, an aging Biekert, Claiborne

    I'll take the new young breed, I feel more comfortable this year then i did last year

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