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Thread: If Green Bay...

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    If Green Bay...

    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    [quote]"GBMiah" wrote:
    I do think all you Vikes fans that are predicting doom and gloom for the pack this year are counting your eggs before they hatch.
    I don't count eggs, we Crush them,


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    Re: If Green Bay...

    "GBFan" wrote:
    "PAvikesfan" wrote:
    goes 3-13 this year, which it looks like they might

    as long as Favre is at the helm, the Pack won't be under 500. BOOK IT!
    You know, up until now, I would have. Favre pulls a miracle out of his....errr.....hat....far too often. The trouble is, he's eyeballin' retirement now. He's looking at his final run, and he doesn't have the pieces to do it.

    Green Bay didn't acquire any Defensive help in Free Agency (yet), nor did they draft much Defensive help. Truth be told, they've lost more than they've added.

    Many of the Packer fans here (In Janesville, WI) have babbled about trading for help...and I ask, "Where do you have enough depth to trade"? Truth is, you don't have much in the way of marketable talent right now. Ahman Green maybe, but the RB market isn't all the active, and he's got another dinger on him with his latest arrest.

    Plus, as I stated earlier, Green Bay has been helped along by a weak Division. Minnesota and Detroit haven't been able to put it together in the last few years, and Chicago has been...well....Chicago. That has changed. Minnesota and Detroit are both loaded, Chicago has upgraded, and Green Bay has continued their slide.


    Sep 11 @Detroit LOSS
    Sep 18 Cleveland WIN
    Sep 25 Tampa Bay WIN
    Oct 3 @Carolina LOSS
    Oct 9 New Orleans WIN
    Week 6 BYE
    Oct 23 @Minnesota LOSS
    Oct 30 @Cincinnati WIN
    Nov 6 Pittsburgh LOSS
    Nov 13 @Atlanta LOSS
    Nov 21 Minnesota LOSS
    Nov 27 @Philadelphia LOSS
    Dec 4 @Chicago LOSS
    Dec 11 Detroit LOSS
    Dec 19 @Baltimore LOSS
    Dec 25 Chicago WIN
    Jan 1 Seattle LOSS

    That's 5-11 off the cuff. Green Bay might win 2 more than I predicted (But neither of the Viking games...those are locked), but I can't really see them doing much better than that.


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    Re: If Green Bay...

    I see the Pack winning 9 games maybe 10.
    They will be a force all season.
    I bleed, spit, cry, sweat and pee purple but I know not to underestimate the Pack.
    Winning is in their blood.
    It will be a dog fight this year.


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    Re: If Green Bay...

    "favre4ever" wrote:
    I agree, you cant tell how good your team is going to be before they even play a game. Look at the redskins. They spend plenty of money every year and where did that get them. Your D will be better next year but how much is the question.
    Most likely better than Green Bay, that's for sure! :grin:

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    Re: If Green Bay...

    On the "Pack" subject...They had better get off to a quick start because they could feasibly lose 6 straight starting with the first viking game. It looks
    pretty tough this year for the ol'"mississippi hillbilly". Too prediction..with the "packs" lack of up front help..Favre gets hurt early in the season...enter Aaron Rodgers...the luckiest pick in the draft to somewhat salvage the season.
    met bud grant @ 7 years old...

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    Re: If Green Bay...

    "as long as Favre is at the helm, the Pack won't be under 500. BOOK IT!"

    This is my favorite thing about Packer fans - their loyalty to a sub-par qb. I give some credit to Farve for the good seasons in the late 90's, but there's an entire team that needs to be there too - including coaches. Truthfully, have you EVER seen ANYONE throw as many interceptions under crucial circumstances like Farve does? It's getting so old that the even the announcers are tired of throwing out the cover-up line "he's such a competitor". I especially enjoy it when he's competing with a towel over his head. (That 2001 playoff game against the Rams was the best.) I repeat myself in saying, I wouldn't pick Farve for my qb today nor would he even make my top ten. That's not Packer-bashing, that's truth. Keep loving him Green Bay (cuz we love him too).
    "Usually the team that scores the most points is going to win it." - John Madden

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    Re: If Green Bay...

    Great so without Walker (holding out), Favre and Green play 2 on 11 that is great odds. LOL

    The Pack will get lucky over achieve and win 6 to 8 games depending on how their OL and D comes together.

    With Favre you don't have to be holding 4 Aces when everyone else thinks you are holding 4 Aces!
    "Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn t work hard."

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