"marstc09" wrote:
"BloodyHorns82" wrote:
I want to take this opportunity to apologize to all the Packer fans who I treated like pooh after the game.
The "Five Hour Drive!!" chant was over done by myself as was "Go Home Pack!".
A few sprinkled throughout the game would have been fine but I think I got carried away (ESPECIALLY after the victory) and probably shouldn't have brought the children into it.
I think the frustration of losing to our bitter rival for 5 straight games truly brought out the worst in me.

Will they see this?
Probably not, but I feel a little better.

Props to dfosterf for bringing classy back.
They come to enemy territory and that should be expected. I expect that when I go to Lambeau. I remember the first game this year when I walked out after that lose. They were not nice and we should not be nice either. I would have been worse. Man I wish I was there.

On a different note. dfosterf is a good dude and I am happy to have him here.
agreed. never really talked to him but read alot of his messages, hes pretty cool.