I know we beat this to death earlier but it is always fun to remind Green Bay fans what some of their players are like.

Packers Fullback Sued Over Miami Dorm Defecation

POSTED: 12:04 pm EDT October 2, 2004
UPDATED: 12:21 pm EDT October 2, 2004

MIAMI -- A woman is suing Green Bay Packers fullback Najeh Davenport. She says he invaded her privacy by breaking into her dorm room and defecating in her closet.

Mary McCarthy sued yesterday in a state court in Miami.

Criminal charges were settled in October 2002 when Davenport agreed to perform community service. He denied breaking into the Barry University dormitory.

Police say they were told that Davenport entered a dorm room at the small Catholic university in suburban Miami in the early morning hours of April 1.

Mary McCarthy says she was asleep in the room. She told police she was startled awake by a strange sound and saw a man squatting in her closet. Police said the man, later identified as Davenport, had defecated in her laundry basket.

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