kathy schuppe [mailto:[email protected]] writes:

Kiss my cheesehead ***. You guys are inbred!

And then follows up with:

Maybe you should start reading your own message boards. Talk about retorts. That is the most pathetic board I've ever seen. It's really a disgrace when the webmaster only picks out the ones he wants on there. The ones who will mainly stick up for the pathetic Moss' of the world & true asses. There is no place in football for people like him. And if that wasn't true then all the sportcasters & newspeople wouldn't agree. And it's not just WI people. It's all around the nation. Football is a game & a competitive game at that but to disgrace yourself & your teamates 2 weeks in a row. Come on. Get with it. It's people like him & Terrell Owens (and he's not even as bad) that give football a black mark.


So I say:

One of the most popular boards with packer fans like you always wanting in. Yeah, I am worried. I pick out who I want on there because I can usually tell trolls from contributing members, team affiliations or not. Congratulations on proving my point, Ms. Wouldabeen Troll.

When you inbred hillbillies stop inventing traditions like mooning the Vikings bus when they leave Lambeau, you won't have to put up with Moss giving you just payback.

Go back to slopping the hogs. You're in the deep end here and not a cousin in sight to pull you out.

Lesson Learned: Packer fans are unable to see the same classless foibles of their own star QB. Stunts he has pulled many times. In the loss, all they can do is lash out. Sorry, Kathy, but its fans like you should stick to wrestling. The story lines are much easier to follow.