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Thread: Free-man!

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    It's about god damn time that the Pack does something really stupid...first they let Billy Schroeder go to a divison rival -- Detroit. And now they let Free-man explore trade options. He will surely get some offers, and I wouldn't mind him to cross the border (hey, we can use a WR!). They're doing it all in favor of letting 2nd-year pro, Robert Furgeson get more playing time. I don't get it, because Furgeson is very unproved.

    Also, their "huge free-agent acquisition" for the off-season, DE Joe Johnson was really good for the Saints on turf. But I'm willing to bet more than a nickel that he won't do as well as they hope for in the frozen tundra.

    Screw the Pack.......

    Wait, nevermind...they're doing a fine job doing that themselves...

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