Posted on Sun, Jun. 29, 2003

Brett Favre talks retirement
Sun Herald (Biloxi, Miss.)

GULFPORT, Miss. - Brett Favre senses the end to his professional football career. The Fenton native feels the pain in his knees and other body joints after spending 12 years in the NFL playing against the likes of Michael Strahan and Warren Sapp.

After all, if the former Southern Miss star does walk away from the fast moving life of the NFL, there's little he hasn't achieved. The father of two daughters, Favre boasts a resume that includes being the only player in NFL history to win three MVP honors. He has thrown for more than 40,000 yards and has a Super Bowl ring, too.

For Favre, life's been good - mentally and financially.

But, like all good things, there's a time when he must hang up his cleats and resume life as an everyday citizen.

During his annual Brett Favre Celebrity Golf Tournament at the Grand Bear course in Gulfport, Favre spoke about his upcoming retirement and what life holds for the future.

"In some ways, I have thought about retirement," he said. "I know I can play three more years, but I don't now if that's what I want. This time last year, I was dead set on retiring after the (2002) season and when it came to an end, I changed my mind. Who knows, I may be dead set on retiring next year at this time. Only I will know when it's time.

"My wife, Deanna, and I talk about retirement and she tells me to walk away when I am ready. I think retirement will be a lot like the off-season for me. In the off-season, I don't like to travel: I would rather stay home in Hattiesburg and cut my grass. There are times when I'm on the mower cutting the front portion of the yard and someone stops by . . . they find it hard to believe that Brett Favre cuts his own grass."

Another sign that the end is near is Favre's oldest daughter, Brittany, will remain in school around the Hattiesburg area while he, his wife, and their youngest daughter, Breleigh, head to Green Bay for the 2003 football season. Also, the Favre home in Green Bay is up for sale.

"We don't need it (house)," he said. "It will only be three of us this season and we could get by in an apartment. I don't spend that much time in Green Bay in the off-season so there's no need to have a home there. I love the area and the fans have been great, but I don't need a house there."

Favre's stats, which include 42,288 passing yards, 314 touchdown passes and a rating of 86.7, make him a lock for the Hall of Fame. Whether he walks away this year, the next or even the following year, Favre knows he must think about a possible hobby or job after he hangs up his helmet. He also knows that the job he takes must allow him time to play golf, too.

Whichever direction he goes, one thing's for sure. He'll remain close to the game he loves.

"I've been fortunate to be able to do what I've done for a long time," Favre said. "When it's over, I would not mind coaching, but it will be on my own terms. I really would like to help high school kids. I would get some satisfaction out of that.

"After so long, we are all has-beens. Coaching and helping kids would be nice when I've become a has-been."

Favre admitted that coaching on the college level is out of the question. He feels there would be some conflict between him and the head coach since his training schedule is similar to that of the collegiate ranks. Plus, he'd have to spend hours spent watching and grading film and going over game plans calls for a long day each day.

"I don't want to be there all the time," he said. "And, just because you are a great player doesn't mean you will be a great coach. If I was to show a college quarterback what helped me, there might be some conflict. Just because I am Brett Favre will not make me a great coach.

"But I really think I could help young kids with the basics and offer a little insight. I know people say we play for the money and it is good. But the real reason I play is to win. If we win another Super Bowl, that will be fine. If not, I can walk away knowing I won one and life has been good to me and my family."

Doesn't look good for Packer Fans.....# 99 might send Favre into early retirement!!!