Ryan Grant is not that well-liked by many Packer fans. Some of it has to do with his agent and him holding the Pack "hostage" while TT and Brett were waging their PR battle, and the feeling at the time was that we were going to need Grant with our brand new starting QB. Grant had come in the (8th?) game of the previous year, and rushed for almost a thousand yards in that short (relatively) short stint. Some might remember what he did to Seattle in the playoffs that year also. That was the game he fumbled the first two times he touched the ball. I think he got over 200 yards that game.

2008 he had a drop off in production to (I believe) under 4 yards a carry, but he still rushed for over 1200 yards that year. (That 2007 year was a "pace" of over 2000 yards if extrapolated through an entire 16 game season!)

2009 he had statistics that were uncannily close to Adrian Peterson's, of course without the fumbles. He did that behind statistically the worst offensive line in the NFL, according to the NFL, which just started tracking it in 2009. No running back for the Pack could run to the left side, btw, yet we kept trying, just like we all saw MM running this year (generally) with little or no actual threat of a running game.

How in the hell did Grant get his yards, one might ask?...

We were the best rushing team in the NFL to the right hand side according to pro football focus. Weird set of stats.

Clifton cannot run block worth a damn anymore, and Colledge never could. You are probably going to see a new left guard for the Pack next year, might bet is Lang, who was on track to fight for either RT or LG this year until he broke his wrist and got left by the wayside. Bulaga MIGHT take over at LT, this was the 1st year he ever played on the right side..

Bulaga can run block, so can Sitton, Wells is very good, but we have a monster waiting in the wings to take over at center, be afraid of what is about to happen on the offensive line for the Pack.

Mark those words, just like I asked you to in the pre-season last year...

In the pre-season I told everyone that the Pack was favored to win the SB. I told you how they destroyed Indy, how Indy kept their starters in until the 4th qtr, how Indy sucks, etc.

You all laughed. Indy was trying to win that game and got slaughtered.

THAT was the GB team that everyone "favored". There was NO stopping a combination of a healthy Cliffy (knees), Ryan Grant going through 'em like crap through a goose, Finley unstoppable.

Then we get to that 1st game against Philly. Kolb was a deer in the headlights, and they could not stop the juggernaught being employed against them. It was like 21-3, and it wasn't that close, and then they started handing the ball to Grant. I think his previous 3 carries were like 8, 11, 13...then he got hurt.

That was the exact moment that the Green Bay Packers were no longer favored to win the SB. It was now a totally different (and lesser) football team.

I don't know where Grant should be placed in the "tiers" of running backs, but I know what I see when he is on the field compared to when he isn't, and we are going to be favored again this year if he is in our backfield, along with Starks and Jackson. There is a lot of potential to re-legitimize our rushing attack, and that is pretty much undeniable...and that is all we really need, imo

Heck, you can even win a "top-tier" argument as a Puker fan if you really try and/or want to.

I do not care. Ryan Grant has proven he can run behind a shit-box line, just like Aaron Rodgers has proven that he can pass behind one. It took Rodgers awhile, but he just might have the fastest release in the game now, and what seems to be "eyes in the back of his head".

It has been expensive, and most other teams' fans got sick and tired about hearing how great Rodgers is, because he never won anything, but he has been great right out of the box...it was the shit-box o-line that was (literally?) killing him.

Ted has been fixing the trenches, and that is where this game is won and lost.

Everybody needs DE's-- Hell, we have conference's worth of them, lol-- And will probably draft ANOTHER one (Ted can drive me, lol)

We have 70 players under contract right now. I think the Bears have 48, there is a competitive advantage possibility in there somewhere, I'm pretty sure. I do not know how many Vikes are signed.

Go look at Graham Harrell's college stats.

Day um !

Again, imo