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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: Favre a horrible mentor?

    "gregair13" wrote:
    it isnt his job to get him ready to play. thats what coaches do. his job is to wins games and throw touchdowns.

    no way is farve going to be traded. wow. think about the consquences.
    That's what I said to myself to........

    The more I think of it he may force the Packers hand, especially if he thinks he has 3 years left in him.

    It would turn the NFL upside down for a few weeks.

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    whackthepack is offline Jersey Retired
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    Re: Favre a horrible mentor?

    "6-KINGS" wrote:
    "Del Rio" wrote:
    The way I took his offseason comment was it isn't my job to get him ready it is his job.

    To me it sounded like he wouldn't be opposed to answering questions, giving advice, if the young buck asked for it.

    Either way it is obvious he is on his last leg. I heard he is going to be traded to the Ravens/Dolphins/Jets lol so we will see.
    Maybe even the cowboys.
    I could see Favre and Jerry Jones boozing it up together, raping sheep and cattle in the Stockyards.
    Dammit 6 kings, again I spit water all over my monitor!

    raping sheep & cattle! LMAO

    Don't forget John Madden leaning against the fence of the pen, cheering old Brett on!
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Re: Favre a horrible mentor?

    "whackthepack" wrote:
    Favre said early in training camp that he would not help Rodgers because he was more worried about winning the Superbowl! Nobody in the media called him on it, they were saying things like "he is such a competitor" and "there will be time for that when Favre is done playing".

    If you watched their games it looks like that time is now!

    Maybe you should stop being a d*ck, and try and help the kid out.

    But, he is old giving Brett, the angel, he can not do any wrong, he can walk on water, he only gives! Maybe the will make 5 or 6 more specials on him this year and run them every week, makes me want to puke!

    Bet you the Walker would like to get his hands on him and rip his head-off!
    Actually the media did call him out on it a little bit. Salisbury said he was stunned and Clayton said it was childish, but both did defend him by saying he is just frustrated ...
    I would love to see him take Rodgers under his wing, Favre's recklessness-his ability is what Rodgers would have then ... that would be great.

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    Re: Favre a horrible mentor?

    Hell, Favre isn't too old to play. Look at Blanda, or now Testaverde coming back for the Jets.

    Although I don't think I'd want Favre to mentor my new guy. Who wants to throw INTs? That's what Favre is mainly good for.

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    PurplePackerEater is offline Ring of Fame
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    Re: Favre a horrible mentor?

    "V-Unit" wrote:
    I heard the worst part about what is going on in GB is that Favre is doing nothing to help develop Rodgers. He is apparently treating Rodgers like a competitor trying to steal his job rather than a successor. If this is true, Favre is pathetic. Yeah I udnersand you are tough and you still want to play, but you have a had a great career, there is no reason to try to hinder someone else's. Favre you suck!
    As a Viking fan, I think it's great!

    Rodgers = Harrington.

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    cajunvike's Avatar
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    Re: Favre a horrible mentor?

    Who cares? Favre is only getting worse and older by the week...and Rodgers is not near ready to take over. Until Rodgers proves that he is better than Favre, the Pack will not sit Bretty Boy. All that means is that it is better for us...the longer Favre is in there, the less that Rodgers will develop...meaning that the Pack will suck for more years! LOL

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    Re: Favre a horrible mentor?

    That's certainly looking at the bright side of things. But Rodgers surely must be absorbing something from watching Favre.. a tutorial on how to throw the perfect lame duck.. who says the kid is not benefiting from having Favre around?

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    Re: Favre a horrible mentor?

    i hope they at least win a couple games so they can't get the #1 draft pick, they'd probaly get Leinart or Bush. that'd be painful to watch those two talented players going to green bay.

    hopefully Favre teaches young Rodgers the art of interception, we'll be okay then :lol:

    Thanks Josdin

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    Re: Favre a horrible mentor?

    Even if they get Leinart, I doubt he'll come in and pick everyone a part in an instant. Bush is still a junior now, but if he goes into the '06 draft I say the Raiders might get him if they keep up their losing streak.

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    Re: Favre a horrible mentor?

    Favre told Rodgers to watch & learn because that's how he had to do it. Nobody mentored him. :cry: I think I feel a frickin tear coming down --- not.

    So here's what Rodgers has learned so far from watching Favre.

    1. How to maintain a perfect losing streak.
    2. How to throw interceptions.
    3. How to get tea-bagged in a professional manner.
    4. How to take a sack.
    5. Never let go of the sheeps wool no matter how hard he tries to shake you off.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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