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    Re: Favre coming back

    Favre can you milk this any longer you hill billy goat lover! What the hell, I can not believe the Packer GM and Coaches are willing to put up with this sh*t, can his ass tomorrow! Get some balls and grow a backbone!

    Call him on the phone and say are you playing or not and you have ten seconds to decided!
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Re: Favre coming back

    "ryanmurphy" wrote:
    What he needs to do, and should have done last year in my opinion, is announce his retirement at the beginning of the year. Much like in hockey, the entire season would be a farewell tour. I hate Favre as much as anyone on this board, but can not deny his great career. I truly believe that if he did this, even Vike fans would applaud him for what they knew would be his final appearance in the dome. My Dad was always a Lions fan, and went to see Tark play his final game in Detroit for this very reason. Hate him or not, the guy will one day be a legend, and I hate to see a legend go out like he is. (Please, no accusations of me sticking up for the guy!!! That is not what I am doing!!!)
    True. I'll agree that he's a nice guy and a great quarterback....but I'll still laugh when he throws 37 INT's.

    "This is my timey-wimey detector. It goes ding when there's stuff."

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    Re: Favre coming back

    yess sharper and tank and all the defensive backfield will be haveing a turnover paty when we play the pack. and who knows maybe the d-line will get one or 2?
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    Re: Favre coming back

    good! i wanna see him get lit up 1 more year! it wont be the same watching fudgepacker games and not seeing favres face in the dirt or hoping for a gruesome injury to him.

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