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    Division predictions for 04

    Our rb's put up better numbers-that is a result of the O-line. 3 rb's w/ 5 yard averages. Ahman is great while Davenport is a starter waiting to happen, and Fisher is capable or starting. Not putting us in the top 5-only a vikes fan would think that. I'm not trashing your O-line, but it isn't as good as ours.

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    Division predictions for 04

    Jer, you gotta layoff the pipe dude, life is to short!

    Ahman is a great running back (wish we had him), but defecator Davenport is unproven as yet and so is Fisher.

    And your line is not as good as ours!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bootyshake: :bootyshake: :bootyshake: :bootyshake:
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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