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    Re: Countdown to beatdown part 2

    "V4L" wrote:
    "dfosterf" wrote:
    ;DThat's not terrible ;D

    You were not "packing" that during the AD mows-down Al love-fest perchance?

    It's a good bet.
    I feel personally invested now.

    Nope it's old skool my man

    Back when he was a decent corner ha
    Damn, that WAS awhile ago, lol
    (Just kidding, Al)

    Every ref in the league throws a flag on his jiggly-butt as soon as he pops out of the tunnel, these days.

    ;D 'Cept in Lambeau

    He's good for two of Brett's errant shots this game.

    Someone should put up the video of AD's two big "mow-downs" , side-by-side.

    I'm sure you guys already have a thread dedicated to the one on Guy from last week.

    Hmm...wait a sec.

    You lost that other game too.

    Ah, whatever.

    Maybe AD will send Woodson reeling this week.
    You can then put up all three.

    Give you something to be happy about after the butt-whup the Pack puts on the Queenies tomorrow.

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    Re: Countdown to beatdown part 2

    Haha good luck

    Hope u will like the harris sig

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