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    Calling who a dumbass?

    From Tenley ([email protected]), a righteous fellow out of the land of cheddar:

    "Beleive it or not it only takes a few min to check your pathetic site . I see Krauses # is still 12 must be too busy too change it huh ? You bust on the Packers for being losers and you cant get a hall of famers # right ........ toal time to send this message 1 min. 45 sec."

    My Response:
    "About the same amount of time spent on your education?

    Don't worry your silly little packer brain. Its in work queue. Remember what work is? Its what happens when you get off the couch on the porch and put some of them rubber doohickeys on that rusted out Camaro so it don't need to be on blocks. Make sure to roust gramma out of the back...they miss you down at the manual Holstein masturbation clinic. I will certainly send along a note when it is complete along with some Old Milwaukee as a reward for your incredible work. Rock On, totally dude!!"

    I love that packer fans have nothing left to cheer for, so they spend time combing hundreds of pages looking for any single typo. Note the misspelling in his own email! LOL!

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    Calling who a dumbass?

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    Calling who a dumbass?

    I d rather have a FLAMING CASES OF HERPES than be a CHEESEHEAD!!

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    Calling who a dumbass?

    Not even worth the time.

    Rats love cheese and cheese is what Wisconsin is famous for.

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    Re: Calling who a dumbass?

    Man... we should do this Packer fan ripping more often.. *stretches* Fun, indeed.
    [size=11pt]"The only thing better than food & football is maybe Brett Favre."


    -John Madden on Thanksgiving while on "Mike & Mike In The Morning"

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    Re: Calling who a dumbass?

    Limburger Cheese on Head......Brilliant......... Hey I smell feet......


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