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Thread: 2003 and beyond

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    2003 and beyond

    I have watched this site with some interest as the true fans have rallied around each other and the Vikings. We must look at it this way...this is football. We all the love the game as much as we do the Vikings and we have all had the roller coaster go up and down. The important thing is that we were all on the ride from start to finish.
    This year has been the biggest up and down I have ever seen and it has been more than enjoyable to thos eof us who love this game. Do we hurt? Yes. Will the Vikings be playing next year? Yes. Will will all proudly wear our purple and do everything we can do to cheer on our beloved team? Yes. That's football. The game is why we cheer and the Vikings are why we feel the way we do. If you did not hurt after that loss yesterday, then your veins do not bleed purple. You may be a fan, but you are not yet a Viking.
    We have had our day of grieving and ribbing from our friends (and enemies, but tomorrow is another day to get up and get ready for next year. We have much to plan for and be excited about. For the most part, this team should be back on the field in its similiar form to 2003 and we should be that much better. You know what I saw and felt for the first time yesterday...true hurt and pain from our Vikings. All the other losses this year seemed to carry very little emotion for the boys on the field, even though we all were reeling. This one hurt and I;m glad. Maybe we all can carry this last one with us all off-season and come into 2004 with a desire to never feel that way again.
    How do we do that...1) Have Purple Pride. 2) get on the opposition and never let up. 3) realize and remember that the guys on the other side of the ball are professional football players too and they can not be taken lightly ever and regardless of the uniform. 4) Have a DESIRE to win...not a knowledge, but a heartfelt gut check kind of desire...every game and every play.
    Have a good offseason Vikings faithful. A new season awaits us and we should all get into the gym tomorrow to work on next year.

    Gene "AlabamaViking" Ramsay
    Gene Ramsay
    AKA - AlabamaViking
    I'll see you on the field!
    #1 Vikings FAN in Alabama!

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    2003 and beyond

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