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    Re:The 10 Toughest Losses in Green Bay Packers Histor

    jmcdon00 wrote:
    Any chance this weeks games could be one of the biggest losses in Packer history?

    I know it's only week seven, but it's also the packs last chance to get even with Favre. Also it would push them to 3rd in the division with a very tought stretch of games ahead.
    Maybe on paper, but I doubt in their hearts.

    On my fishing forum some Packer fan was trying to say it's game 3 of 4. I knew it was a Packer fan before even opening the thread.

    It's not game 3 of 4, it's 1 of 2. The Vikings and Favre swept yo asses last year...there is no making up for that, it's history. :P

    Best they can hope for is to take their revenge on a gimped up Favre, because everyone in the country saw they couldn't handle a healthy Favre.

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    Re: The 10 Toughest Losses in Green Bay Packers Histor

    The Elway Helicopter Superbowl blew.. but our stubborn coach on his way out cost us that game more than anything the Broncs did.

    But for me.. the most painful losses were to those Fudgesticks in TX in the early 90's.. repeatedly crushed and beaten by them. Many a pissed off day there.

    Another painful memory was the Fridge game.. I wanted to suit up and drill Ditka right there.

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