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    Re: young could drop to #7

    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    Did not seem like Pep was on the market anymore.

    Bears will not be as good next year as they were last year.

    Thats just how they operate.
    The Bears will do a repeat of 2001 into 2002. They went from 11-5 right back to the cellar. They took advantage of a weak schedule and an NFC North that was down this year. Next year they're going to have to square off against the same opponents as the Vikes PLUS the Seahawks, Giants and Bucs.They'll be back down again next year, IMO.

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    Re: young could drop to #7

    Young can't count to seven


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    Re: young could drop to #7

    "tylersieve" wrote:
    Remember rookie the great thing about Moss is you dont have to be accurate- he gets there and makes it happen......

    "If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn t thinking."
    - General George Patton Jr

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    Re: young could drop to #7

    And that's why they are the Bears, a team unwilling to pay big money for a big-time quarterback.
    hit it right on the nose. poor bears. they will forever be a team without a quarterback. just as they get good, they will leave for more money.

    as for young slipping to #7... i find it hard to believe that someone wouldt ake culter over young right now. sure culter had an amazing workout and his draft status is a frist rounder for sure, but vince young is vince young. if the jets or titans pass on him, not smart.
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: young could drop to #7

    I think he falls hard! With the score on the wonderlick test and his attitude and approach to this draft. I didn't realize the agent was a family friend that has little to no experience. But with that said, he could be the SOD if he does fall hard. Someone will put their chips on his talent/athleticism in the first round for sure.

    Like I said in a previous thread, most agents have a copy of the test, I bet his agent didn't bother!!!!

    Article from:

    [size=18px]Young's Handlers aren't Handling their Business[/size]

    He was the first player on the field, standing tall, smiling wide and clowning around as he always does. Now the key question: Why was he even there?

    Why was Vince Young, the hottest football player on the planet, participating in a cheesy made-for-television "all-star challenge" in Miami? Why would a player who has nothing to gain and everything to lose as a top draft prospect be part of an informal workout -- because that's what it was -- in an environment over which he had no control?

    "I've been working out at home really hard, and I needed a break," Young says.

    Fine. Go to the Bahamas. Go to Europe. Go anywhere but to some skills challenge that exposes weaknesses to Texans owner Bob McNair -- the guy debating whether to spend millions on you -- and his personnel department.

    "I wouldn't have him anywhere near here," one agent said through the glare of the South Florida sun.

    Meanwhile, Young's agent, Major Adams, a friend of the Young family and not as -- what's a nice way to say this? -- experienced as some other agents, declares, "If you have nothing to hide, why hide?"

    Well, here's why: Young was set up to fail in this event. And when it was over, he hadn't shown nearly the accuracy of UCLA's Drew Olson or Alabama's Brodie Croyle. He looked on par with Clemson's Charlie Whitehurst -- who still is recovering from shoulder surgery. There's a reason colleges have pro days, when pro scouts come to campuses to watch players work out in their environment, throw to their teammates and, more than anything, perform in their comfort zone.

    At one point in the skills competition, the four QBs were paired with pass catchers. Young was paired with Memphis running back DeAngelo Williams, the only nonreceiver in the group, and the two didn't connect on three of five passes.

    There also was a deep throwing test in which quarterbacks were asked to throw the ball as far as they could while keeping the ball between the hash marks. Young scratched to the right on his first two attempts. Before the third throw, Adams yelled, "Aim it this way (left)." I'm not sure if he was joking or serious, but the third throw hit the right hash mark barrier. There is too much riding on Young's future -- he wants to play for his hometown Texans, who would have to give up on former No. 1 overall pick David Carr to pull the trigger on Young -- to noodle around in Miami for a measly appearance fee. His management team had better tighten up and get a grip on what's best for its client.

    Young says he will work out at the NFL Scouting Combine but won't lift or run. He'll follow the same plan at his pro day in late March in Austin. The goal, he says, is to focus on throwing and eliminate any doubt about his funky mechanics or accuracy.

    I have no doubt about Young's ability to throw. His ability to choose a competent management team is another story.

    Senior writer Matt Hayes covers college football for Sporting News. E-mail him at [email protected]

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    Re: young could drop to #7

    Vince got a 16 on the Wonderlic.. No way did he get 6.. I could get 6..

    I know he isn't that stupid

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    Re: young could drop to #7

    I have said all along if Vince Young drops past the Titans he will go to the Lions. It's no secret Shell is not a fan of Collins, and they will be upgrading, they will be doing that upgrading in free agency.

    IMO Young will slip to the Lions.

    If you find any spelling errors in my post feel free to make multiple posts that add nothing to this thread pointing them out. It only makes you look like an asshole.

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    Re: young could drop to #7

    There is more talk today about Vince Young falling fast on draft boards around the league, some talk has him dropping to mid first round. If he was available when the Vikes draft at 17 would you take him?

    He and his agent have done nothing since the Rosebowl to keep his stock high, with word coming out about his poor wonderlic test, and his apparent hitch in his throwing motion his stock is dropping fast and he could get to free fail mode! I myself think that if he is available the Vikings should take him, after the Rosebowl a lot of people were saying number 1 overall pick. Have him play behind either Daunte or Brad for 2 years and see how he develops!
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Re: young could drop to #7

    "whackthepack" wrote:
    There is more talk today about Vince Young falling fast on draft boards around the league, some talk has him dropping to mid first round. If he was available when the Vikes draft at 17 would you take him?
    I wouldn't want a guy like that on my team at all. He has thrown only 8 times in college from behind center. Everything else has been shootgun. And then comebind with his running ability.

    He is not sold as an NFL QB to me, just like Mike Vick isn't a good QB in my mind. I wan't a passer at that possition, not a freaking runner.

    Add to that that it would not fit our new west coast offense.

    Thanks to PPE for the sig.

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    Re: young could drop to #7

    He was part of the hype after the Rose Bowl victory.

    I said if he falls, he could be the SOD, but it is still a gamble, just like it is on every player. If we are seriously thinking about keeping DC, which I hope we do, there are other talents to take a gamble on that should be weighed heavily, like Simms.

    I do think we take a QB, but I would have to say we wait until the 3rd or 4th round.

    The Vince Vibe is going to be DOWN until he has a chance to show his phisical ability at his schools pro day. We tend to only remember what we last saw or heard. Rose Bowl = Great Combine = Crap Pro Day = ????

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