Newton, Gabbert, Locker, Mallett, Ponder, Dalton, Kaepernick and Stanzi. Those are the 8 names that comprise this yearís class of QBs with potential to earn a starting job as soon as the 2011 season. Some have strong arms. Others are great decision makers. And a few are natural leaders.

But thereís just one thing each of them has in common: they all have legitimate question marks.
ďLetís be careful,Ē Billick said. ďWhen we go back and talk about [St. Louis' Sam] Bradford and Ryan and Flacco with such glowing terms ó and we should, because they are going to be excellent quarterbacks ó we had concerns for them, too. Bradford, is he going to stay healthy? Matt Ryan, does he have the arm strength? Flacco, he doesnít look like anybody we have in the league right now. Is he too big, is he going to fit? They turned out well, but we had questions about them, too.
The bottom line is that regardless of whom the Vikings select in this yearís draft Ė even if itís not a QB, which could happen Ė some people are going to love the pick and others are going to dislike the selection. But the goal is not to find the perfect prospect with no flaws. The goal is to pick a player who turns out to be a winner.
You Canít Pick Perfect, Just Pick Right

Truer words have never been spoken my friends. Heres to the Vikings draft calass of 2011 (whomever they will be).

Lets hope they are all winners.