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He will have a breakout season this year, barring injury!!!

He has all the tools to be great, plus he was a former QB (like this year's Super Bowl MVP)...maybe they will put in a few trick plays for him too!
Wonder what his intel score was from the combine?
You talking about the Wonderlic score? It was a 19. 17 is average for WRs, but a 20 equates to a 100 IQ score. So he is smarter than the average WR, but a little dumber than an average person. As long as he can catch the football and run fast with it, none of all that will matter much. :lol:
Oh yeah... the WonderLick test... I always ace that test! :la:
What was the WonderLic test? I vaguely remember something about it awhile back.
Poor VikeBabe!!! Looks like us veterans are gonna have to give NeumDog some pointers!!! :lol: :downtown: :la: :grin:

She must not be used to we dirty old guys, huh Cajun??? :thumbright: