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Thread: WR Thin

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    Re: WR Thin

    "snowinapril" wrote:
    "muchluv4smoot" wrote:
    "snowinapril" wrote:
    "damien927" wrote:
    Why is everyone so high on Chad Jackson, he is fast, so what, we already have a speed guy. Plus, the West-Coast Offense is built on short strikes to possesion receivers and the occasional deep ball. The ball won't be getting thrown deep very often at all from now on. We don't need this guy unless he falls WAY down in the draft.
    Why, you will just have to wait and see him play. He runs at high speed and catches at high speed. He has some of the best hand eye coordination that I have see a WR have. Quick to get his hands up and on the ball. He also give the QB a large target because he can get his hands to the ball, what ever his wing span is, that is your target, plus the speed to run down a ball or slugo the DB. If I am wrong about this guy, I will be glad to eat crow. But I don't think I will have to even think about the crow or even how awful it is. He is going to be a star in the NFL, if he is given the chance.

    Oh ya, he won't be a Viking he will be gone and I don't think we are going to draft another WR for a long time.

    Yeah, Chad Jackson looks like he is gonna be a stud. He kind of reminds me of a faster TO, without the attitude though. Just because he is fast doesn't mean he is just a downfield type of receiver and not a good fit for the WCO. Jackson actually runs routes very cleanly and is good after the catch.

    We aren't gonna draft a WR, but Chad Jackson is a stud WR if you ask me.
    I just had to post a link to this Mock Draft.

    It is from Fox Sports and they have Jackson going right on by us 2 spots.

    We are not drafting another WR in the round! For quite some time, IMHO!
    The link doesn't work, snow.

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    Re: WR Thin

    "cajunvike" wrote:
    The link doesn't work, snow.
    Here you go Caj. Geez, I would of thought a lawyer could have figured this one out;

    Link to SIA Article


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    Re: WR Thin

    I havn't seen any of Chad Jackson's video so my opinion may merely be blinded but what can this kid do that Troy Williamsom can't? Troy has got one of the best pure speed in the league and he's lightning quick....not to mention he's 6'1 so he is not small guy either. If we draft Jackson, resign Koren, and get Nate back we'd basically be trying to develope two young very very fast WR without giving them a lot of playing time. Waste of pick IMO, if anything learned from the Lions it's that you don't gamble on WR consecutively, especially if they are raw like Chad Jackson.

    I don't care what anyone says, I want to give Troy a shot. I want him to be at least our #2 WR next year. I know he has the skills and is as every bit talented as that Chad Jackson guy everyone is raving about. Last year in the limited action that Troy play he's shown he's can be a big-time WR.

    The only way I would want to draft Chad Jackson is if we don't retain K-Rob, don't match Nate's offer (supposely if he gets one), and don't sign Edge. If we do all that then I'd totally give the thumbs up.

    Thanks for the Sig LitlHarsh

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