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    We all know that the Vikings need a top WR.
    Calvin Johnson of Georgia Tech would be the perfect fit for us. He is big, fast and strong. He catches anything that comes his way, enough said. I am hearing all of this talk about the Vikings taking a long look at Ted Ginn Jr.. I don't know about y'all but that is pissing me off. He is just going to be a huge reach just like Troy Williamson was. I am not saying he is not a good WR, but he is not the right fit for our team. We don't need a speed WR right now, first we need someone that can catch the ball and get some yards!

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    Re: WR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Again, this subject has been beat to death... At this point in time, the Vikings have to look at every available prospect coming out of college at the WR position to see if he will be the right player for this team..

    We can't control what other teams do, so therefore if Calvin Johnson is still there at the #7 pick, I am sure he will be a Viking.. The front office id also understanding that a player with the talents of CJ may not be there at #7 and have to look at other options..

    Just because they are looking at Ginn, doesn't mean they will pass up on CJ if he is available.. They are covering their butts and making a game plan..

    Also, I see that you are new so welcome to the site.. Should have posted your first time in the Free Beer Section of the site.. Subjects like this WR one have been discussed on many of occasions, so you may want to do a search next time.. Have fun here, and go introduce yourself in the Free Beer Section now... Here is a link to a topic on CJ by the way..


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    Re: WR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This topic has been brought up many times before. Please consult the rest of the forums before you post a topic! 0

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