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    The worst pick of the draft so far.

    inch: OK. Lets Ponder the pick of Ponder. He's the lowest rated pick so far. Not a single draft expert or personnel man had Ponder in the 1st round. Most in the second and some in the 3rd. With a rating of 6.5, he's the worst player taken thus far. The second lowest is rated 7.9 with all the rest being 8.1 or better. So, the Vikings took a second/third round talent with the 12th overall pick to play the most important position on the team. This is laughable. I will leave open the possibility that this kid turns out to be special. It could happen and the Vikings look like geniuses. I smell a wasted pick. inch:

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    Re: The worst pick of the draft so far.

    I wish I were still a moderator.

    This should go in the official Ponder thread.

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