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    Willingness to gamble makes Browns contend

    Willingness to gamble makes Browns contend;_ylt=Asy40lp1OW4Mte.KAEP8DZNDubYF?slug=cr-brownsfreeagency030608&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

    I know this article is about the Browns but i thought it wa sintresting nevertheless.
    A lot of people here are against trading picks but to see what the Browns haave done is couragous.
    While the Draft day trade of their # for Quinn is questionable the trading of their 2nd and 3rd have given them possible the best or second best DT tandom in football( i know kevin and pat are tops in most eyes). It seems to me that they have made a smart move.

    While I don't think we should not be autioning off all of our draft day picks, I think we should move up to grab a MAJOR talent or trade some for a can't miss pro bowl veteren.

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    Re: Willingness to gamble makes Browns contend

    I agree to a degree.
    Obviously the Herschel Walker trade begins to rear it's ugly head here, but you gotta get over that at some point, those dip-sticks messed up, it's over.
    I think you need to be weary of the ages of people you're giving up picks for.
    if you can stay reasonably young or in prime, then i'm all for a few draft day picks being traded for a stud, but it better be a stud.
    please no multiple future picks though.

    Also the Vikings are very fiscally responsible and if they feel they're going to end up paying outrageous money for someone they're usually unwilling to do so.
    But for the right player you have to take a look.
    but it is a matter of opinion on how to grow your team, and there has been improvement from the time Childress got here and that is promising and maybe not worth upsetting with a blockbuster.
    Great conversation anyway.

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