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    Re: Williamson to Houston

    "singersp" wrote:
    I keep hearing people say we should trade T-Will to Houston because we still have K-Rob.

    You are forgeting the obvious.

    T-Will is still under contract, while K-Rob is an unrestricted free agent.

    If you trade T-Will, there's a possibility of loosing K-Rob to free agency as well.

    Now what have you got?

    What keeps the Texans from going after K-Rob in the FA?

    Also, we have 7 pages of trade talks regarding T-Will to Houston based primarily off of a little blurb buried in an article that a radio sports station talked about it & the mention in Vikings Update that the Vikings might make the perfect dance partner for the Texans.
    yeah don't that make you just sick that people want to trade williamson when robinson and burleson arn't even signed yet? just imagine if we traded williamson to houston then robinson and burleson don't want to play here? we would be in a lot of trouble then.
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    Re: Williamson to Houston

    We don't need to trade TWill for Davis. We can sign a good RB to compete with our guys (Jamal Lewis; he will come pretty cheap). or we could draft someone, I'd go for Maurice Drew in the Second round. I wouldn't trade williamson unless it was a huge return package, a top five pick or tons of picks and players.

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