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    Re: Wilf's make a run at Alexander?

    "cajunvike" wrote:
    "collegeguyjeff" wrote:
    "michaelmazid" wrote:
    I would love to have Shawn Alexander here in Minny but I have a feeling that seattle would match any offers made to him.
    maybe, thats the fun part though making seattle pay him more like we did to chicago and edinger. im kinda worried about paying him all that money and seeing just how good he would do on our team; i mean just look at clinton portis he isn't so good after he left denver, he has gotten a lil better since he went to the bread skins but he isn't what he was in denver. but i do think the vikings are already picking out who they want in free agency they say they havn't talked about it but i think thats bull cause these things take time.
    Yeah...I would kill myself if we got stuck with Portis's level of production since he got traded to the Skins...NOT!!!!
    For real man, I can't believe I'm hearing people say they wouldn't want Alexander...
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    Re: Wilf's make a run at Alexander?

    I hope so. It would be nice to get another big timed player to help out.

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