"Zeus" wrote:
"Del" wrote:
Which was probably not a whole hell of a lot in terms of revenue. NFL teams cost money to operate. You have to balance what they take in with what they spend. I guarantee no NFL team would survive on a fraction of the NFL sponsorship revenue.

Most of the actual profit most likely comes from in stadium revenue, I would wager on that.

The latest figures put 71% of the Vikings value of $720million based solely on being an NFL team and the shared revenues (read:
TV money and licensing fees) which being an NFL team brings in.

Ticket revenues for 2006 (selling out 10 games at an average ticket price of $68) were only $39 million, which is only 23% of the total revenue for the year.

My point is - the Vikings get the vast majority of their money from outside of any local revenues.
And they will continue to get that, whether or not people go to the games.

Value does not equal income. Value includes all money invested.