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Thread: Wide Receiver

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    Re: Wide Receiver

    oh, yeah i like burly too, he's a great WR and will be good next year.

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    Re: Wide Receiver

    With Burleson, KRob, and Twill, I don't think any changes are neccessary. Unless we let Burleson go than I would bring Moulds in. Otherwise we are deep and strong at WR. Taylor and MRob are great backups.
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    Re: Wide Receiver

    "napo58" wrote:
    reggie williams is an extreme talent and he definitely has the potential to scare db's. Just a thought.
    35 rec, 450yds, 0tds this year. I think you are just blinded by his nice big muscles on his big 6'4' frame. Those kind of stats don't even put him in the top 50!

    Its kind of weird how you are obsessed with the physical part of players rather than their skills.

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    Re: Wide Receiver

    If it were up to me, I'd want to sign back who I KNOW produces and will do me good instead of taking a small gamble with someone new to the stystem.

    Well.. I guess alot of thing will be new next year with our new Coach who comes froma west coast offense..
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    Re: Wide Receiver

    I think we need to sure up our o line & that should fix alot of problems.
    Receivers I would stay what we got K rob will be the stus reciever with williamson possibly #2

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    Re: Wide Receiver

    Do any of you really think Childress is going to want anything to do with TO? Moss might be a good pickup to do some punt or kick returns. Lets look for some big ol' O linemen.

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