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    Re: Why are you a Vikings Fan?

    "Deadly_Diabetic" wrote:
    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    "DaunteHOF" wrote:
    I became a fan because of Daunte Culpepper and Randy Moss, A top QB and the top WR, so I was like "yo I'm a vikings fan" Now you ****** tricked me and traded them away. I would stop being a Vikings fan but I loyal like a dog so I'm in it for the long haul, whether I like it or not
    For crying out make me sick. People who are a fan of the player, not the team. Why don't you just become 1/2 Raider and 1/2 Doplhins fan then?

    Especially after the hundreds of whining and repitive posts about Pep leaving; I did now know a man to cry so much.

    Yup, when they traded them both their goals were to trick you...and only you.

    You will get wood for another player soon and jump to a new team; probably a contender also.

    Feeling aggressive much?

    Cut the kid some slack. There have been people on this board that have said they started watching the Vikings because of Tark or Alan Page or Jim Marshall, etc. Are you going to tell me that they are bandwagon fans? Of course not. Why? Because that was decades ago and they are still here. So the high flying act of '98 and Culpepper\Moss brought some fair weather fans around but all of that is gone and the kid is still here. True, he's done a fair bit of whining about the trades but he's still here.

    I say give him a break and if you get tired of him, do what I do and skip his posts (at least the ones regarding Culpepper and Moss).

    Like Del said, I have a right to my opinion too. If he wanted to lash back at me, fine. I would not even think about my "authority" in that case. He is entitled to his opinion also.

    There have been many times where I have right in the middle of something that has turned ugly. I do not even make a call on it, I let webby know and he makes the call.

    I am just calling out the guy for his persistant crying over the past few months. I could care less when or why somebody started becoming a fan. But, I feel (my opinion is to follow) that you should cheer for the logo on the uniform, not the name across the back.

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    Re: Why are you a Vikings Fan?

    hmm we've had these before but o well...

    I remeber it like it was yesterday. In 4th grade I came home after school one day and watched an NFL Films Yearbook featuring the Vikings. I started to follow them and pay more attention, soon after I started to fully understand the game of football, and I became a true Vikings fan. I never got into the Vikings becuz of an individual, I simply was a youngin with no team.I've been a Vike fan for close to 9 or 10 years and I will till I die.

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    Re: Why are you a Vikings Fan?

    mainly started watching the vikings because my dad was a vikings fan, so really i had no choice but to watch vikings games. that was the time of robert smith, cris carter, etc. So i was like "hey, this team kicks ass", and i've been a fan of them ever since.

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    Re: Why are you a Vikings Fan?

    "Jobisen" wrote:
    "Slade" wrote:

    ~ Wow, he's been a member since Sept 16th of 2004!! With 5 posts! At least he still remember
    A big reason is that I am in a different time zone. When I wake up and check the site out most opinions have already been posted.

    Another big reason I don’t post a lot is that a most posts are not worth responding to. Things like, “I think that Vikes should trade with X and get X, why don’t they do that?”. People tend to forget that it takes at least two to trade.

    But if you want me to I can post a weather report from Stockholm everyday.

    The number of posts has nothing to do with knowledge or intrest, it is more a number that shows how much free time you got.
    lol - you've been looking at Cajun's post count again ! Jobisen he's just having a laugh with you :lol: . I know what you mean about the posting though, the time difference can be a real pain at times when you want to discuss something and find that it's been done to death already !
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    Re: Why are you a Vikings Fan?

    I'm from Alaska and nobody in my family is much of a football fan, so I had to form my own opinions.

    I started watching football back when Elway was losing Super Bowls and became a fan of the Browns/Broncos rivalry. But when I started watching regular season games I became a huge fan of Anthony Carter. I loved watching the Vikings defense w/ Doleman, Millard, and Browner and started to follow the Vikes more than any other team. Now I have an unhealthy addiction w/ anything Vikings related.

    I watch Sportscenter and NFL Total Access religiously to see if they have anything to say about the Vikings.
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