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Ok we have the multiple player X is a FA/will be released so lets pick him up threads. Some have some some legit reasons to be looked at. But what i don't get is the love for players who can't stay healthy. Why are we even debating this issue? who many times to we have to be burned by these guys before people just start saying "no thanks". Tank Williams, Marcus
Robinson, Mike Doss to name a few recent bigger name FA that we have picked up with injury histories and now we are having a discussions over guys like Javon Walker, Brian Kelly, Chad Pennington Javon Kearse. Are we that desperate for help at some positions that we should look at anyone even if they cannot stay healthy? How does that in any way help our team? Everyone gets a freak injury and then is fine but guys that start getting injury after injury, tends to stay a pattern. So the logic of "he would be a great fit If he is healthy" should not even be a consideration. Tank, Robinson and Doss also fit into that category at one time and look where it got us.

What's even more ridiculous is threads getting started wanting to sign players who aren't even available.
Maybe it's the status of the team that has us so desperate.
On this board there are 2 train of thoughts"

1) Everything is fine
2) We need drastic changes.

I believe that we need to plug some leaks on this otherwise sturdy boat.
I disagree.
There are alot of posters on here who believe we are a VET WR who can stretch the field and catch a ball as well as a Double Digit sack artist (RDE) away from being damn competitive next year.

That opinion doesn't fit either of your options.