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    Re: Whos Left at WR

    I agree that a vet WR is supposed to be beneficial to the development of young WRs, much the same as vets at other positions will help rookies at their positions.

    But, everyone who uses that excuse to justify bringing in their favorite big name vets forgets that there are position coaches whose job it is to teach the rookies.
    The Vikings added George(?) Stewart, a long time WR coach, this offseason.
    So, I would hope there isn't a strong need for an aging vet WR on a team being rebuilt with young players who are approaching the peak of their career, rather than being over the peak and heading downhill.

    - Sigmund Freud

    When we stop to think about it, most folks behavior isn't perplexing after all !

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    Re: Whos Left at WR

    Of course the coaching is detrimental to a players development but it also helps to have a vet that is also a player.
    We can look at Daunte Culpepper.
    Coaching can't always help and it can't always be relied on.
    You need veteran players mixed with good young talent.
    Most of your talent that comes to the league is taught by players they perform with.
    You have those few exceptions like a Peyton Manning but that is extremely rare.

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    Re: Whos Left at WR

    "Desertvikingfan" wrote:
    "bigbadragz" wrote:
    okay i think this analogy is going way too far.
    but do you understand where were coming from perplex.
    i just think you're being a little stingy with the money here as if we had to break the bank to sign one of these guys.
    again it's moot cuz we could end up picking up 1 of the many scrubs left, but the feeling is they didn't seem to jump at grabbing one of mid teir guys early, and maybe they know something we don't that they're satified with wade and the draft, but that is a bit disconcerting.

    and why are we not pursuing any of these 2nd teir offensive lineman?
    the draft is nice and all but what are we gonna be a team of only rookies, 2nd and 3rd year players at important positions.
    Who would you have them sign bbr?? No doubt even if they signed someone, you would complain about the no talent s.o.b. they just signed. You would be telling us what a poor judge of talent BC and th PoP are and that they are purposefully signing crap players in order to move the team to Fargo. The bottom line is there isn't really any players available that the team feels could significantly help the Vikes. They sign guys like Henson to help with training camp knowing full well if there isn't significant signing bonuses they can cut and no harm done to the Cap Room. A lot of trades are made immediately before, during and immediately after the draft, maybe just maybe the ToA is biding their time and working behind the scenes to improve the team at that time. There is also the June FA and last minute cuts, relax, I like your passion, but temper it with a little forethought.
    well thank you for putting words in my mouth.
    as if signing no one on a team that was bad on offense is a good thing.
    i've listed the guys in other post that would have been worth a stab.
    really now the only guys i'd be interested in is moulds or bobby engram and i don't think that needs to be a rush to get those guys signed now, and they won't be expensive.
    trades need takers, it's not as if you just pay a guy and he plays for you, you have to give to get and i didnt know we were so deep that we can afford to let go of things to recieve others.

    and again perplex where is this abundance of money that i'm looking to shell out.
    mutailo or whatever i dont believe ever visited or was ever invited.
    there was a report we were interested but that's the last i've heard of it.
    and going back to the putting words in my mouth department.
    i believe i said 2nd teir guys who are not getting 18million dollar signing bonuses.
    luke petitgo, wade, mutailo, cooper carisle, and on and on.
    but i forgot, we will go with yuor theory of doing nothing.
    waiting for trades that may not happen, and other teams leftovers on june 1st.

    i get reamed for making the same statements as 10 other guys, as if bringing in nfl proven talent to at the very least compete without having to spend 18million in signing bonuses, is such a terrible idea.

    and a vet wr will help tavaris more than anyone.
    having that guy you can lean on in the red zone, or on third downs.
    i believe of what's left, moulds and engram might be able to provide that.
    maybe not a 1000 yards and 15 tds, but someone tjack can depend on that is not dropping passes or is too green to lean on.


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