I was snooping about to see what teams might be looking to add a few picks, you know, the ones that have fired coaches and/or GM's by trading some of their talent at WR. Some that come to mind:

a. Chic - Marshall. I don't think so.
b. KC - Bowe. I like this option
c. Browns - Josh Gordon and Greg Little. Little would be perfect.
d. Chargers - Floyd and Danarius Alexander. Alexander would be perfect.
e. Iggles - Maclin/Jackson. Yes to Maclin. No to Jackson. Already have Percy/Wright.
f. Cards - Fitz, most will jump on him, but how about Andre Roberts.

I am sure we are going to see some more moves (i.e Houston if they get bumped by the Bengals in the first round). What do you guys/gals think. Is there someone out there on the roster that would fit the need at the Z that would compliment Percy (Y) and Simpson (X)?