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    Re: What if we were to go DE with our first 2 picks?

    "DustinDupont" wrote:
    "ragz" wrote:
    "DustinDupont" wrote:
    "ragz" wrote:
    "DustinDupont" wrote:
    [quote author=Marrdro link=topic=43899.msg756542#msg756542 date=1207782228]
    [quote author=Mr Anderson link=topic=43899.msg756537#msg756537 date=1207781934]
    [quote author=Marrdro link=topic=43899.msg756523#msg756523 date=1207781307]
    [quote author=mountainviking link=topic=43899.msg756509#msg756509 date=1207780654]
    Looks like a great idea to me.
    At least once in awhile, to keep them guessing.

    Maybe, with the same DCoord for two years in a row, and the same system basically going into year three, we'll get to start seeing some more of these, thought out, surprise defenses we've been talking about in several different threads.
    Versions of 3-4 or kind of like the 46 or some movement as suggested here along the line.

    That's the great thing about the versatile players...if they can play more than one position, you can get them mismatches with surprise shuffles.
    With the right player, a 3-4 is a 4-3, is a 5-2 if we bring two LBs.
    Fake coverage on a delayed blitz or fake blitz and drop into coverage.
    And, sometimes just go ahead and bring it.
    Ahh, the possibilities!
    So, to me, guys like Merling, Laws, DE/DT or Groves, Brain Johnston DE/OLB could hold extra value.
    Exactly and that was my point. But lets not forget that Merling plus a Robertson as well.
    Need one of those Tweener OLB/DE guys to really have the flexibility we need in our scheme.
    I think Robison could be that guy.

    He's probably not going to be a starter, and we all know just how ridiculously athletic he is, and how serious of a motor he has, so why not try to keep him on the field? I'm sure he could do it.
    I think of Robison and Edwards as our two prime guys at RDE.
    They will rotate in/out so often that it really doesn't matter who starts.

    I want to add a guy like Robertson out of GA Tech who is that pure pass rusher who can get around the edge in specific situations.

    Again, I believe we will see two DE drafted this year and they will be a mix of a LDE and a Edge Rusher.


    Merling or Langford
    Edge Rusher Groves or Robertson
    I hope your right Marr! Cuz i would take either two Merling and Robertson or Groves and Langford, doesnt really matter to me as long as we would get a good LDE and a Good Tweener
    this grooves kid is really starting to intrigue me just cuz of his ability to rush the passer.
    i just hope were not one of few teams that consider him a defensive end in a 4-3.
    it seems like harvey is moving up peoples boards so grooves might be the next best pass rusher left which is more of what we need.
    is he worth a 1st rounder and what's the chances he's around for us in the 2nd is my questions?


    Well i have wanted groves this whole off-season, i think he going to be a great player in the pros, i really hope we consider him at 17... but i dont think he will be anywhere close to our second round pick
    that's what i figured but i haven't seen him in a whole lot of mock drafts in the 1st round so does he have a grade high enough for us to take him at 17?
    it would prolly be a reach but i could see us trading down to take him or taken a OT with our first pick and then trading up to get him
    yah that would be the way to go.
    we do have some leverage with the extra 3rd, and then if we do trade down some we could pick up even more picks.
    the more i think about it trading down might make the most sense when all is said and done and we see what's left on the board.
    we shall see.
    "self improvement's masturbation.
    now self destruction" that's enlightenment

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    Re: What if we were to go DE with our first 2 picks?

    If anyone wants to learn some more about Groves I posted my analysis and a video of him in my big off-season post a month or two ago:

    I'm thinking about updating that, a lot has changed.

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    Re: What if we were to go DE with our first 2 picks?

    If Groves somehow slips out of the first round, I see no way he gets past both the Jets and 49ers early in the second.
    He's too good of a fit at OLB in their 3-4.

    I thought Dontarious could have excelled in that role, but it will have to be with the 49ers now.
    Robison could be that guy for us...does he have any experience at LB?
    Then there is James, how healthy he is, and where he fits into the rotation at DE too.

    My new dream draft would go something like this:

    1 Ryan Clady (or Chris Williams)
    2 Trevor Laws or Law Jackson (fat chance Merling falls, but with a move up, who knows?)
    3 Best WR left of Kelly, Doucet, Jerome Simpson, Bennet, Jordy Nelson?
    3 Brian Johnston (our tweener DE/OLB exp at both, 52 TFL and 21 sacks in 4 years)
    4 Steve Justice C (smart, mobile, motor; good fit for zone system-depth for C and OG)
    5 Steltz or Jamar Adams S

    *I'm assuming we'll use some of our later picks to move up here and there to get some of the guys we want above...and, one late pick on a QB-actually, I'd offer one to KC for Thigpen back before I drafted one...if they draft a QB, Tyler is suddenly 4th on their roster and expendable for the 6th we got from JAX.
    Also, I still think we can get something out of McKinnie, which would help us get the fits we want early too.

    Another option, if the WRs are all picked over by the third, would be bumping the other picks up and taking a chance on Adarius Bowman later.
    I Can't believe how far his stock has dropped.
    He's a big, physical WR, good hands, "outstanding blocking," two years of 60 or better receptions, over 1000yds, and averaging 19.7 one year and 15 the next with 20 TDs in those last 2 years.
    Control the line, control the time, and give your D a chance to shine!!

    "Balance it on end and thats the third side of the coin!!" -wookiefoot

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