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    Re: What about something different...

    "olson_10" wrote:
    "Purplexing" wrote:
    "cajunvike" wrote:
    The naysayers will say that we already have too much invested in our LB corps...but I still don't see a solid MLB candidate.
    Don't know enough about Willis to project him as our MLB savior though.
    Don't see much that is solid?
    Open your eyes.
    No one is a proven solid MLB, but that was a concern last year, too.
    Without the presence of Ted Cottrell, the LB corp did well last year.
    Perhaps the coaching will bring out the best in Greenway, Henderson and Leber this year?

    Henderson at MLB COULD work.
    Greenway at MLB COULD work, especially in passing situations, due to his cover skills.
    Davis is a backup MLB, for depth.

    did well stopping the run, but nothing else..even the run stopping was more of a credit to our DT's and the fact that both scott and udeze are purely run stoppers on the end helped greatly as well

    leber was the most impressive all around linebacker last season
    Harris was the MLB, who drops into the short middle zone on pass coverage.
    He did well against the run, but 'wasn't great' against the pass.

    Hopefully Greenway becomes MLB for passing downs, as he was during some of the reps in training camp.
    Henderson would likely become MLB for just about all other situations.

    I would expect that the Viking coaches had, and have, a plan for MLB, because they allowed Harris to leave without making much of an attempt to re-sign him.
    There were comments by Spielman or Childress, or both, that the two teams competing for him outbid the Vikings, but that the Vikings would have otherwise brought him back.
    However, if the Vikings didn't feel comfortable with the LBs other than Harris, they would have bid high enough to keep him.
    The fact that they didn't get into a bidding war indicates they have some comfort with Henderson or Greenway as the heir apparent at MLB.
    So, THEY see something in the LBs on the current roster.
    When we stop to think about it, most folks behavior isn't perplexing after all !

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    Re: What about something different...

    Willis is definitely shooting up teams draft boards with his performance at the senior bowl and recent workouts.
    I just think we have bigger needs than MLB.

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    Re: What about something different...

    "vikes09" wrote:
    "mystykoekaki" wrote:
    I pretty much agree. I don't see us drafting a WR at the #7 pick, nor do we need it. The Vikings will either draft a FS, LB (move up cause we could possibly get another pick), or CB. But please, no WR in the first round, that's all I ask.
    Players that could be considered at the 7th spot, or players that are considered a top 10 pick in the positions you mentioned would be-
    FS- Laron Landry
    LB- Patrick Willis
    CB- Leon Hall

    The only player out of those 3 i want would be patrick willis, but I wouldnt even take him that high.
    We could trade down and get willis plus a secound round pick.

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