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    Re: A voice of reason

    "Prophet" wrote:
    "bleedpurple" wrote:
    "Prophet" wrote:

    We don't differ on that.
    That is all worked out way before draft day and Speilman makes the call, that isn't even arguable.
    I'm saying that Spielman is just implementing the plan that was approved by Childress.
    Both of those points seem obvious. Truthfully, by draft day, if it was done right by Spielman, scouts, and the staff then a computer program could make the pick.
    The 'what if' scenarios are all worked out.

    It seems to me that the main point of our disagreement is that I see you as saying that Spielman makes the picks/decisions.
    He is merely following the draft board (positional priorities, that is) that was designed, and approved, by the HC.
    There is no way that any HC is going to blindly give the reigns to anyone when they know the positions that are needed on the team.

    What it probably ends up as is that we are somewhat agreeing.
    I don't know, we think about the same things differently and I'm probably not taking enough time to formulate my thoughts into writing.
    Spielman is a monkey on draft day that is implementing the plan that has been worked out for months prior to the big day.
    Childress approved the plan that Spielman is implementing.
    All of that is obvious.. but Chilly has final say... based on [size=15pt]our[/size] structure...
    Yes, based on our structure.....and, i'll argue that in most structures, even with a GM it is the case.
    The articles that Marrdor posted a few posts ago don't say differently.
    They mention that the GM puts together the roster.
    You live in a pipe dream if you think the HC isn't giving him heavy feedback reagarding the postions that he needs to fill the roster for the team and type of offense, defense and special teams that he wants.

    They all work together like a dysfunctional family living in the bayous trying to catch the elusive alligator for dinner.
    Billy Bob says to use the rifle while Sammy Joe says to use the coat hanger with the hang-man's knot while Sally May wants to tickle it to death and while they are arguing papa comes out of the shadows and mumbles, "watch and learn," while he strangles the gater with his bare hands.
    I heard from the cousin of the ball boys pen pal that the Vikings have actually adopted the policy of drawing straws to decide every important decision. It makes their life so much simpler now.

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    Re: A voice of reason

    "Prophet" wrote:
    "josdin00" wrote:
    Oh boy ... Mar is going to eat this one up. wrote:
    Who has final say: Rick Spielman enters his third draft as the Vikings' vice president of player personnel. Spielman works alongside coach Brad Childress but has authority over draft-day decisions. Ten of his 13 draft choices remain on the roster.
    The fact remains, Spielman is a monkey implementing the draft board that was approved by Childress.
    You don't know that.
    I call BS on you.


    Thanks to Josdin for the awesome sig!

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