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For those that didn't hit the link, the Vikings traded a 4th-rounder last year for a 3rd-round pick this year.

I love this trade and trades like it for the Vikes.
Trading for future picks is awesome because you get amazing value.
For example, last year there were five draft day trades that involved future picks.
Here are the trades with the draft pick values as measured on the standard draft trade value chart (link):

-The Colts traded the 126th pick and the 29th pick in the 2008 draft (686 points) to the 49ers for the 42nd pick (480 points)
-The Chargers traded the 62nd, 93rd, and 167th picks plus the 90th pick in the 2008 draft (570.6 points) to the Bears for the 37th pick (530 points)
-The 49ers traded the 110th pick and the 7th pick in the 2008 draft (1,574 points) to the Patriots for the 28th pick (660 points).
-The Browns traded the 36th pick plus the 22nd pick in the 2008 draft (1320 points) to the Cowboys for the 22nd pick (780 points).
-The Broncos traded the 176th and 233rd pick plus the 73rd pick in the 2008 draft (247 points) to the Vikings for the 121st pick (52 points)

Some people may see this and think the points are meaningless, but most every draft day trade the past two seasons that doesn't involve future picks or players fall within 5% on the points, and I think only the Bills trade up to the top of the second round last year didn't fall within 10%.
Only the Chargers/Bears deal ended up within that marker for the trades listed above.

So it's basically always a good deal, and I hope we pull the trigger if a similar opportunity is available this year.
It ONLY matters if you pick players that make the team and contribute in the coming years.

For instance, Pats fans like to brag about Brady being a 6th rounder...but all of their other picks that year were FLOPS.
So, if they were so smart, why didn't they just take Brady in the 1st round?
because Brady didn't have a first round grade coming out of Michigan.
He was a project that has obviously paid off HUGE for the Patriots.
You can find gems in late rounds in just about every year.
Granted, not Super Bowl winning, MVP, touchdown record gems, but gems none the less.
Of course, he didn't...but it's not like they were geniuses for picking him either.
Basically a lucky guess...like most late rounders that pan out.
ESPECIALLY since none of their others did.
Agreed, but you asked why they didn't draft him in the first round and I quite simply answered your question.
Seems like you already knew the answer, so why ask the question?
He was trying to say that if they knew Brady was going to be that good, they would have drafted him earlier to ensure he was theirs..Instead of the crappy picks ahead of him. He asked b/c it's called conversation. It's simply how ideas get started.

LMAO... that was funny