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and the jury remains out on Cedric Griffin as a starter.
I see this fine journalist enjoys smoking the crack.
He was too lazy to read the rest of the PPO thread....or watch the games.

That said, I would not be upset if we pick fairly high for the right corner.
I'm not sold on Macauley yet and Sapp could easily be replaced.
Safety is a bigger concern if Sharper is not resigned (I would be surprised if he is resigned).
Tyrell may be next in line to start, but you better have another solid guy that can come in and play...maybe FA target, but I'd be surprised if we went after a high profile guy.
Gotta agree with you there! Plus, Madieu Williams is very (VERY) injury prone. I think he is a good player, but he seems to get a serious injury evey year. He missed more than half of this season because of injury for example.
What about Oshiomogho Atogwe?
Emerging player (13 interceptions the last two seasons) from a bad team could become the next big star in center field.
I like him! Would be really happy if we got him