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Thread: Vikings TE?

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    Re: Vikings TE?

    I actually want Byrd.. He is FASTTT for a TE.. Good blocker.. Has all the tools..

    Jimmy can play FB then.. And Wiggy and Byrd in the double TE sets

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    Re: Vikings TE?

    "cajunvike" wrote:
    NO Vernon Davis!!!
    Haha dang somebody beat me to it.

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    Re: Vikings TE?

    "collegeguyjeff" wrote:
    and another thing just because the vikings are looking at a tight end don't mean they are going to draft him, thats probably just a smoke screen. just like last year the vikings were looking at mike williams so people don't know we wanted troy williamson. funny thing is that fool williams thought we were gonna draft him up until we didn't ha ha.
    i didnt say we would draft him, i was saying that if we look hard at this guy, and consider drafting him, then we would most likely be forced to do so with at least a 3rd round pick..and i just dont see the point in even considering something like that when we have one of the best pass catching TE's in the league, and then the best blocking one..richard owens did a real nice job for us filling in for wiggins a couple years ago, so i think we are solid at that position..we could get a real good blocking TE through FA if the team feels that we need to address that and make kleinsasser a full time FB
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