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    Re: Vikings still have shot at drafting Quinn

    "tclawmen" wrote:
    "Marrdro" wrote:
    we wasted our pick
    This is getting to be one of the most over used cliche's on this page.

    Explain to me why any pick is considered a waste?
    Teams draft QB's all the time that never make it in the NFL or are life long backups.

    If memory serves we had some pretty good WR on our team when we picked Randy.
    Are you saying that we wasted a pick on say Jake?

    Doesn't wash with me anymore and I am tired of hearing it as an excuse to not taking a potential starting/franchise QB that would be a perfect fit for the WCO.

    IMHO of course. . . . . .

    I hesitate to get into this because it seems quite often when there is a difference of opinion on this site, it can turn into a personal pissin contest and that is not what I am trying to do here.
    So let me prefice my comments with this: You have every right to your opinion and if it is different than mine so be it.
    Now, that being said, I believe that if you are going to draft a player in the 1st or 2nd round, especially at Q/B, you need to give that player the opportunity and the playing time to show his skills.
    If we take Quinn in the 1st round, he then becomes the starter, Jackson becomes the backup, and unless there is an injury to Quinn, Jackson never sees the field.
    That to me is a total waste of taking him in the 2nd round last year because I dont believe they drafted him to be a backup his entire career.
    Now, if you feel that Jackson can do the job, than why are we even looking at taking Quinn in the first place.
    Only one person can play Q/B at a time and if Jackson can do the job then Quinn would not step on the field and that would be a waste of this years 1st round pick.
    In either case, if we draft a Q/B in the 1st round this year we wasted a pick someplace.
    I don't do pissen contests.
    Notice the smiley at the end
    Its all good.

    I usually give the Triad a bunch of credit, however, in this case I don't think they sat in the warroom last year and said, Hey, lets get TJ and then next year if a Franchise QB falls to us we won't take him cause we are to worried our fans will think we wasted a (two picks actually) pick here.

    Just doesn't work that way.
    If in fact Quinn is there and if the Triad think he is a viable option at QB this year they will take him and let the competition begin.
    Just silly not to approach it that way.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: Vikings still have shot at drafting Quinn

    "Purplexing" wrote:
    This looks like Carr is a remote possibility, if the Vikings could get him after he was cut and there were no overzealous competition driving up the offered contract price.

    It also looks like Quinn is still a possibility, if available.
    Other possibilities are being looked at, appropriately, but I think they are limited to WR or RB in rd 1 at #7.
    DE seems to be out of the picture at draft slot #7, with EJames returning from IR.

    I think the right balance of useful information vs. concealment of plans and opinions was struck by Childress.

    YES i was really hoping we wouldn't draft a DE WOOHOOO

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