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    Vikings sign WR Emmanuel Arceneaux

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    Re: Vikings sign WR Emmanuel Arceneaux

    Well this is my standpoint on this receiver from the video I have seen on him (Not too much)... can be a very good possession receiver down the line but has work to do on his route running.

    He's 6'2 211 pounds. He's not a "burner" as you would say (4.5-4.6 range). His bread and butter is running short routes (curls, drags, outs, ins), however he has the ability to make plays down the field. A majority of his deep balls were on straight streaks so his football speed may be somewhat deceiving to his 40 time. His route running is not great, however I feel there are flashes of potential. His hands are extremely good, most likely his best attribute (catches everything thrown his way). His leaping ability is very impressive. Although he does not have great speed, he is very good after the catch WR. I don't to take into factor that he plays in the CFL where the sidelines are extended and 12 men on the field w/ an extra skill position player because CFL wrs do not tend to block after catch and you also have an extra player trying to tackle you. To make it simple I would compare this guy to a Marques Colston with better after catch run ability. Or a raw version of Hakeem Nicks. I feel because we still seem like we will be running a little west coast offense he is a perfect fit for our team and compliment our current wr core perfectly!!! It excites me a lot knowing that Sidney can be the guy who stretches the field, Percy Harvin working the middle, and Emmanuel A. working the short intermediate routes. I think he walks himself into a perfect fit with Minnesota and I hope to see him show us what he's really got.

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    Re: Vikings sign WR Emmanuel Arceneaux

    I'm hoping for a S.J Green signing next.

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    Re: Vikings sign WR Emmanuel Arceneaux

    Vikings add CFL receiver Emmanuel Arceneaux

    The Vikings have agreed to a three-year deal with Canadian Football League wide receiver Emmanuel Arceneaux, who confirmed the news on his Twitter account.

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    Re: Vikings sign WR Emmanuel Arceneaux

    It is too bad the Vikings did not sign Geroy Simon from the Lions in 2003. Simon could have made the leap to the NFL.

    Arceneaux is a good player, but he is not a CFL All-Star receiver.

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