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    Re: Vikings' Priority In The 2011 Draft

    Depending on where they pick, it should be QB. If they don't trade up to get one of the better ones, the decent ones might all be gone by pick #12. At #12 the BPA might be a O-lineman or DB. If so, take it.

    What I'd hate to see is the Vikings draft a QB that's projected to go much later, simply because the need to fill a QB slot is there. I'd rather see them wait or make a trade rather than take a player way to early.

    We need to address the O-line in FA and/or the draft. I'm not fond of the big slow book ends we have now. Speedy defenders are getting by them & killing our QB's, plus there's not much depth to speak of that's good.

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    Re: Vikings' Priority In The 2011 Draft

    If priority means first round pick, then oline. Its boring, but a lot of the problems last year started from the oline and their terrible play.

    Need another QB on the roster, but not necessarily from the draft.
    I would like a WR in the draft somewhere, but not in first 3 rounds.
    RB would be nice. Change of pace back like McCluster in KC would be perfect and there are tons of them in the draft this year. If we can find a RB/WR that can do kick return too, take him in the 2nd.
    Late round TE to catch is fine by me too.

    Dline is an obvious concern with the Williams health being an unknown as well as Edwards contract. If a guy we like is there at 12, take him and start him right away. There is going to be 9 or more taken int he first round so might as well get one of the good ones early. Dline seem to hardly ever bust.
    For once, I am pretty comfortable with the rest of our defence. They just need to stay healthy and we can have that top 5 defence again.

    First round: oline/dline
    2nd: oline/dline or WR/RB
    3rd: whatever we dont have yet from oline/dline or WR/RB
    4th: best available
    5th: best available
    6th: TE
    7th: best available.
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    Re: Vikings' Priority In The 2011 Draft

    Quote Originally Posted by "singersp" #1090214
    Quote Originally Posted by "HEY" #1090193

    The question: Is Joe Webb worth the risk or should we draft a new quarterback?
    Of course he's worth the risk to keep.
    I was talking about if Joe Webb was worth the risk TO START, not to keep. Sorry for being vague!

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