NFL practice facilities might be locked up because of the league's work stoppage, but some players aren't completely shut out from their teams.

Injured players can have indirect contact with teams about their rehabilitation progress, an option at least one Vikings player, right guard Anthony Herrera, is utilizing.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said players have permission to see team doctors off-site despite not being allowed to step foot on their team's campus. The doctor can correspond with a team trainer about the injury.

Teams are required to pay for the rehabilitation of injuries suffered in the performance of an NFL player's contract.
No rest for the injured: Vikings players continue to rehab, despite lockout

This is excellent knews. I thought that they wouldn't have access to the docs and trainers.

Heck, I even went so far as to ponder that the injured guys might be the first to return to work.

LOL, what a yutz huh? :lol: