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Good to see Childress knows how to pace the physical demands of an NFL season.
Should pay huge dividends in December and January.
Or they will drop the first 2 games again cause they aren't ready..

Everyone knows they lost the first 2 games because of Tjack, has nothing to do with the team not being ready.

Yea right, like one player is gonna loose us a game.
Sure the offense had its issues but the defense had thiers as well even though you guys won't admit it.

Defense got tired in the Colts game.
Defense didn't work together in the GB game (No Fricken Sacks).
Secondary took bad angles on tackles etc etc etc.
Your second paragraph makes ridiculous claims.

1. I have rewatched the Colts game and fatigue had nothing to do with that loss.
2. You, the man who says sacks cannot be used to judge a DE's performance, are now (for the second time) using sacks to claim that the D did not work together in the GB game. This is why I and a couple of others call you a flip-flopper.
3. Our secondary is a very good tackling bunch. They missed about 3 tackles in those first 3 games which led to big plays. Overall though they were solid.

If you are looking for evidence that the team wasn't ready come week 1, that's fine, but don't make up stuff when you can't find any. The Defense came out of the gates playing well, and in rhythm. Jared Allen, one player, had a slow start, and Tyrell Johnson clearly wasn't ready for a starting role. Otherwise, that D was great.

The Offense was a different story. A lack of rhythm between TJ and Berrian his WRs was evident (some would blame this on preseason injuries) and some also argue that the scheme was not complex enough to make for an effective offense in week 1. So I agree with these claims? Not necessarily, but at least they aren't made up out of thin air.
Ahhhh, the "Your a Flip Flopper" defense.

Explain to me why the defense shut the colts down in the first half (0 Points) and then didn't in the second half (18 Points)?

Maybe it had something to do with a 40 yard drive being the longest in the first half but in the second half we saw 80 and 62 yards.......

Thin air my jiggly butt....... :



Did you ever think that maybe Peyton was having an off half?

Or that they made good second half adjustments

Or maybe, if you were to actually remember the game, rather than just look at stats, you would be reminded that the 80 yard drive contained one big play of 75 yards, after which our "tired" defense almost made a goal line stand.

What did our "tired" defense do after that? Two 3-and-outs in a row, while our offense completely sputtered.

Thin Air.

Get this man a prize. Our offense had a fumble, a missed fg, and 3 punts in the last 17 mins for a total of 42 yards. I don't see how the defense gets blamed for this.
2 td a 2pt conversion and a field goal, I would say the defense had a hand in it.
Really though I blame the Vikings fans the most, booing longwell on that last field goal attempt cost us the game.

You can say the defense had a hand in it. While I would argue it was a very miniscule hand, it's at least an argument. Just don't tell me they were "tired" That is kaka del rio.

I dream of a D that can hold vaunted offenses to 18 points.
I dream of the old Purple People eaters........This D could even be better than that.

Well, the PPE were before my time, so I have no way of qualifying that statement, but I will say that I am not one to complain when a great unit plays good. On one hand you can argue that they were underachieving, on the other they were still playing good football.

Of course, that is moot because I still contend that the D played great, not just good, on that day. They certainly weren't tired.

I have much bigger problems with an average unit that plays poorly.
Again, I don't have an issue with the players.
I have an issue with the coaches and how they were prepared for the game both from a big picture and a specific game perspective.[/quote]

How can you say that but at the same time accuse the players of being tired, and not working together? Is it not up to a player to get himself in shape?
How can you say that when we basically shut down thier offense outside of two big plays? The defensive preparation for the Colts game was great IMO. Were they constantly abusing a mismatch? Were our personnel decisions bad?
LOL, if I got the chance, I always cheated on reps.......Its up to the coaches to make sure they don't cheat....

Not sure what the disconnect was, however, in the second half (I hate this cliche by the way) adjustments were made and by one team and not by the other.